runner-chaser dynamic

A Higher Perspective on the Runner-Chaser Dynamic in Twin Flame / Catalytic Heart Connections

Yesterday moved me further along in my creative expression when inspired to search through three hours of audio for a concept that was spotlighted on our radio show, Vibrations of Love. At the time I knew it was a very inspired transmission that was brought through from Source about the true purpose of what is […]

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creative expression

Creative Expression & Abundance In the Higher Vibrations

Everyone comes in with a creative expression that is the foundation for spiritual mission. The number of spiritual missions are as varied as the number of souls on the planet. The reason there are so many different kinds of spiritual missions is that we are all “One,” experiencing itself from unlimited perspectives. If we all […]

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trapped in twin flame connection

Feeling Trapped in a Twin Flame or Heart Connection

Having received many questions and requests to bring forth helpful information from Source on a variety of topics involving the twin flame and sacred heart connection ascension path, I’m being called to provide answers in such a way that will help people on a larger scale. Therefore, I am currently exploring better ways to relay […]

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Moving Away from Labels like Twin Flames

REPOST FROM FACEBOOK GROUP: I do still use the term twin flames so that people who are investigating it will find my writings, which are published to provide assistance on this challenging path … It’s not that I don’t believe twins exist. But that the ascension process is at the heart of this catalytic experience. […]

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