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Remembrance of Home

In the realm of the seen and felt Exists our human angels Who watch our progress Encourage us and spur us on They see our successes When we see our failures They love so deeply Our heart fills with joy And in moments of darkness Their wings surround us Comfort us Love us Bring us […]

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  Complete and utter surrender is only possible when you love your self fully so that you can open your heart. Until then you will hold back your inner heart particularly from your beloved who is you. You will know you are on the right path to self love when you find yourself fully surrendering to […]

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Path to Self

I do believe in a twin soul but as a PATH TO SELF and once Self unites with Self in relationship on the planet it elevates the vibration of Earth…this website is dedicated more to how to get right with Self…all relationships can be used to return you to Self, but twin flame path actually […]

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