Debbie DuBois: My Purpose in Spiritual Therapy

debbieLet me begin by sharing my very straight forward outward earthly mission: I have come to Earth at this time space as a Spiritual Therapist to provide support, encouragement, and guidance to those who come within the mantle of my Light. I am here to ensure that each of you knows that you are important–that you matter. To let you know that you are the one you are waiting for and to show you through example what that means.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have had the gift of helping people connect with their own Higher Source Guidance in order bring to them the precise information they need when they need it. This has happened with family, friends, and strangers alike. Sometimes people are in my life for long periods of time. Other times I meet someone who starts telling me everything about themselves while saying, “I never tell anyone this stuff.” And I’ll find myself giving them information that I somehow know they need to hear. I’ve gotten really good at “getting out of the way” and letting Higher Self speak. Simply bringing the information into someone’s awareness has often helped people shift their lives in amazing ways. It’s just what I do.

When I embarked what I consider “the catalytic heart awakening path” — which began almost five years ago with a twin soul heart awakening — I started several Facebook Groups and surrounded myself with others who were also walking this path. Naturally, I began sharing the Source Knowledge and Higher Guidance that I was receiving about my own heart awakening with those who resonated with my journey or shared it.

During this period of time I worked with Higher Self, several close friends and spiritual counselors helped me move through quite a few stages of soul growth. I began avidly unblocking that which had kept me from freely and easily loving myself and others without fear and limitation. It was a lot of work! Not a day went by that I did not do some releasing of old patterns and programs. I had to become conscious of those patterns, embrace them, and then be willing to let them go. I am forever grateful to those who stood as my best friends and guides during this process. I still partner with most of them to help others as needed.

Now, in addition to my own web design business, when called upon I work “professionally” doing the same counseling I have done my entire life. I share Higher Guidance and Source information with awakening beings who then become more conscious of what must come into balance within themselves. This information, combined with one’s own work will ultimately lead one to standing in sacred union within self, with another person and in relation to all beings.

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Whether the catalytic heart awakening one experiences is considered a twin soul, divine counterpart, soul mate, it matters not. The new patterns of perfection for love are here for all to access. But first one must let go of the blocks to love. That is the WORK that one must do.

I have the innate ability NOW to access “higher dimensional energy” and make it available for someone who needs a “higher perspective.” Once within the embrace of their own higher dimensional energy, one begins to become more conscious. In other words, people receive their own higher guidance and get to try that on and see what that looks like. By adapting a higher perspective, one can align themselves with Higher outcomes. Anyone who is familiar with the works of Abraham Hicks will know what I am referring to. Almost immediately one begins to have the tools they need to access their own inner guidance. As one works on letting go of the obstacles they have with their own higher guidance connection, they begin to experience their higher dimensional self on a more regular basis.

I finally consider myself someone who walks in 5th dimension energies on this planet. The proof to me of that is that I mostly encounter the 5th dimension aspect of most human beings. I do not see their 3rd-4th dimension selves. I truly focus and experience 5th dimensional others. When I become aware of other aspects of the beings I am encountering, I am most often able to easily let it go as I know that it is not their actual being that is speaking but a lower vibrational resonance, which I can understand and appreciate for it’s innocence. Therefore I love all people in all their vibrational fluxuations.

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Debbie DuBois and Cameo

Now, am I always in higher resonance? Absolutely not! But I KNOW when I am not in higher resonance and I acknowledge it. And I will say, “That is not my
high resonance self speaking!” And, I love that lower resonance aspect of myself as well. When I “fall” out of higher vibrations, I love myself back into higher consciousness as soon as possible because I much prefer to be there. When this happens, I am very conscious that a “button”– that I ALREADY HAVE is pressed–is bringing something to my attention which needs to be released. I then set out to do that work. I am very responsible for my own state of being. That is a major element of what it means to be of the 5th dimensional vibration.

The natural outcome of the work one does on the catalytic heart awakening path is becoming a 5th+ dimensional being. Achieving sacred union with a partner is a glorious outcome and possibility as well, however, once you achieve this state of being, you will be at peace regardless. And, you will never settle for less than you deserve and wish to experience because you will be completely conscious of your choices and your creation of reality.

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~ Written with Love by Debbie Saffer DuBois

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  1. Debbie DuBois August 28, 2017 at 9:46 am #

    Thank you Mama Bear. I love you!!

  2. Anonymous August 15, 2017 at 8:03 pm #

    Debbie, you have always been a beautiful soul and I have always felt a connection to you. What a wonderful essay.
    Love you !!! Mama Bear

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