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true sacred union

Raging Reality

A Raging Storm penetrated my Heart Cracking it wide open Showing me vulnerabilities Pounding me with rain Charging me with lightening Deafening me with thunder Afterward the Sun came out Warming me with Passion Soothing me with Stillness Calming me with Love Showing me Truth And the Rainbow of My Reality I AM GRATEFUL ONE […]

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Who I Am

  Embodying All that I Am Love’s Energy Flow through Me More Powerful Today Than Yesterday The Channels Once Blocked Have Released to Make Way Tears Once Spilled In Mistaken Perceptions Of Who I Am and Who You Are Innocence of Thoughts No Longer Weaving Stories Stories Unsubstantiated but Fierce Allowing Space to Show Truth […]

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Love’s Stolen Moments

An inspired poem. A vision. A dream. A moment from another life? It is real and true somewhere in time. Sacred Union. Gaze across the crowded room Eyes of intense blue meet mine Together, never apart We are strangers only here Slowly we make our way Through throngs gathered Celebrating, pulling at sleeves Light kisses […]

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On Mission

To be at peace As I wake from illusion And see truth Is a wonderful and Powerful feeling I have done my work I am emerging Breaking spells Of silent movies And standing still My moment NOW is all about Love Inner Light and Knowing my own Strength Make no mistakes I am strong Courageous […]

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NOW In Time

Over rainbows Through portals In the starlight We meet To gaze in eyes Whisper sweet words Poetry of Love Tenderly spoken Soft sounds of Love Gentle touches Shimmers of Light Splashing down Surrounding us Illuminating Hearts wide Sharing secrets Only for us But love for all Laughter Brightness Beaming Glittering eyes Soft Lips Playing until […]

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Branded With Love

I see your face, none have your beauty I feel your soul, it left me blind I touched an angel, whispers of heaven You caught my heart, left me wild Heart open, ocean deepness Heart open, sky wide Oh to look upon your beauty Is to know, to touch divine A silky moment, lasts forever […]

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