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heart awakening

Heart Awakenings & Connection

I am called to share a new download of information today with the twin flame community. Actually, this message is specifically for those people who have been experiencing heart awakening and ended up in the online twin flame community looking for explanations. Again, I will reiterate what I have personally been shown by Source to […]

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Higher Self Speaks on the Runner/Chaser Dynamic

Below is a post I brought through this evening from Source quite by surprise! First, I must admit that I have no personal experience of the Runner/Chaser dynamic. But I have mentored many people lately who are going through severe experiences of Runner/Chaser dynamics. They are deeply involved in a specific twin flame template that […]

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Standing in Self Love

With regards to the “runners theory” in a twin flame/twin soul dynamic, Source counsels thus: In a bona fide twin flame union, the two don’t necessarily run but learn how to stand in their own Self Love. That could be interpreted as running, however, you do not need to choose to see it that way, […]

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