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Higher Guidance Session

Half-hour $55
One-hour $100
Two-hour $175

  • Skype, Viber, or Cellphone
  • Skype recording, Add $15

Higher Guidance Session

During this session, we will have a conversation where you can expect to gain energetic access to your untapped higher guidance typically blocked by unhelpful programs and beliefs. This conversation allows you explore new perspectives on your current situation. The shift in energy that takes place enables you to open up new vistas for potential outcomes, to help you become more aligned energetically with your Soul’s desires. If programs trigger an emotional response during our session, we will take you through a process to help you embrace and then release it. You will also receive access to tools you can use afterwards to continue to gain access your own higher guidance. If needed, you will also learn several self love exercises that I use frequently which help you during times of triggered emotions. No matter what your level of spiritual awakening or experience, there is always an expanded viewpoint or perspective. And, if there is, I can most likely access it!

As I work with you, my overall goal is to show you how to dismantle unhelpful programs as they come up and help you remember how to access your own higher guidance. Depending on your situation, additional sessions may be helpful for you. I am always available for further sessions if you need ongoing support or have a difficult moment in time. Most people I have worked with, however, begin to understand self love and gain self mastery rather quickly. I also offer Emergencies for those times when trauma is triggered for you (See below).

Trauma emergency release session

Half-hour $75
One-hour $150
Two-hour $200

  • Skype, Viber, or Cellphone
  • Skype recording, Add $15

Emergency Higher Guidance Session (a/k/a Same Day Service)

This purpose of this intense session is to help shift your alignment when you’ve been traumatically triggered and the experience sends you reeling. When you feel in need of immediate help, this is the session for you. When you are in a catalytic connection, it can happen that childhood trauma or past life flashes can be triggered by something that you see or something that someone says. If you find yourself in a situation where you believe you are going to do something harmful to yourself or someone else, contact me via email. In cases where time is not of the essence, the Mental Emotional Release session will do the trick. But if it is a Spiritual Emergency, I will do what I can to clear up my schedule to fit you in.

I often call in help from one of my partners who participate in the emergency clearing. I work with several unbelievably gifted individuals who I have worked with personally to help clear the trauma. This enables you to shift that traumatic energy into a higher state of well being FAST.

*If you book a session and you decide you need to run longer than the allotted session time slot (provided I have no other session schedule after), I will bill you afterward for the additional time.


3 Responses to My Services

  1. Kimberly September 25, 2016 at 1:35 am #

    As I was driving today, I lamented the fact that my son is attending religious instruction classes which portray, as you said, the negative role alloted to women in the Bible. Unfortunately, that attitude has pervaded my marriage. Thank you so much for placing these words here for me to find. They let me know I’m not crazy. Love and abundance to you both, Kimberly

  2. Debbie DuBois August 30, 2016 at 12:28 am #

    Ben, this is not my image to give you. I have myself borrowed it from a friend, who borrowed it from a friend. So I wish I could give you my approval, but it is not my give…Thank you for your intereste in the image!

  3. Ben Barnard April 16, 2016 at 9:27 pm #

    Dear Debbie
    This is the only place on your website which enables me to contact you. I am a psychologist/theologian/mythologist writing a book which deals with the negative role allotted to women in the Bible. Of course I advocate a more balanced approach where women will be freed from the chains of the patriarchal approach of the Bible. This I call the arising of Sleeping Beauty. I was tremendously impressed by your image of a woman dressed in white rising upwards (September update part 2 – awakening, letting go) and I request your permission to use this as one of the images in my publication.
    Should you agree, please indicate how you wish to be acknowledged.
    (South Africa)

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