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“I honestly believe if we have not fully “surrendered” this period would have been extremely difficult. I’m not only referring to “twin flames” but in all areas of life..the first part of July was extremely challenging..then I stumbled on a video of yours Debbie Saffer DuBois and everything all made perfect sense..Thank you for all you do! I hope you know all the work you put into this group is definitely appreciated not only for “twin flames” relationships, but for the most important relationship of all….the one with ourselves!”

~ Sarah

“I just had my second session with Debbie and may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions immensely. Debbie is not only a great listener with the amazing gifts of insight and offers her clients a warm, open, teachable spirit; she infuses wonderfully positive energy into your soul with her insightful guidance and empowers you with sharing her tools on how to keep surrounded by a positive light and embracing higher energy vibrations. I always leave her vibrant sessions much more balanced knowing more about the journey of my soul awakening and working within towards clearer pathways to elevate my moods, my feelings and energy fields to higher realms. Debbie is a gem of a loving, giving, nurturing Lightworker whose only goal is to help, lead, guide and love.”


“Hey Debbie. I’m just getting ready to try and sleep but I didn’t want to let the moment pass and I forget to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me when you did and helping me with the healing you took me through and the conversation. That conversation was ESSENTIAL. You need to know what you’ve done for me.

I have been POISONOUS BITTER and suicidal for months you’ve no idea how bad I’ve been. I had no way of helping myself. But you have completely snapped me out of it. Obviously a combination of it all! Your energy alone even, but definitely the conversation, set my head right. I am ACTUALLY on the road to recovery. You snapped and turned me around.

It may not have seemed huge to you but the impact you’ve had on me and, therefore, on mine Michael’s and union, too has been IMMENSE. He knows what — well WHO — is to thank for this change and turnaround in me. And, my sudden ability to once again SEE the truth, see what’s going on, get my perspective back to “reality” and be in peace and understanding of my journey once again. So I know in his heart he is absolutely truly grateful for you too.

You’ve literally effing saved my life.

And I’ll never forget it. Words can’t describe what you’ve done for me. For us. May the universe bless you. You deserve it.”

Much love ♡♡♡♡


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