10 Sign of an Awakened “Twin”

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1. You’ve lived it and are no longer in pain 😂

2. You’ve grown so much that your perspective becomes so high that everything makes sense.

3. You can laugh at just about anything

4. You are in joy most of the time with or without the “twin”

5. You no longer have things that trigger you into pain and anger

6. You find yourself clearing huge chunks of energy for the collective to start your day 😳🙈

7. You are 100% in union with your twin in all ways that matter even if your not a couple (and even if your twin is on the other side)…your closer than any couple on the planet

8. You’ve released so much pain that you have no illusions about yourself. You KNOW who you are

9. You know how to check your ego each and every day both lower ego and spiritual ego. You know you are here to help others.

10. You love unconditionally and what that means is that anyone can show up in your reality just as they are in any given minute because you control your own vibration. Therefore you can allow people to be who they are without it affecting you and therefore there are no conditions.

~Written with Love by Debbie DuBois
Heart Connections & Sacred Union

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