Welcome to True Sacred Union’s Portal. There is a lot of FREE information here to assist you in your catalytic heart awakening process of ascension: blog posts, articles, videos, and podcasts.

To dig deeper into this process and gain a bit more support on your path, join our portal. Our platform components will connect you with other like-vibration people going through similar experiences.

Our three portal memberships include:

  1. Basic member: social networking and FAQs
  2. Standard: additional access to forums
  3. Premium: more direct access to Debbie at premium forum

For even more support, book a session, or participate in a group session. If you have any question, please visit our Contact page.


How to purchase a membership:

  1. Go to the “Shop” under the “Join” navigation.
  2. Compare membership levels and choose one.
  3. Click “Sign Up Now”
  4. Press “Check out with PayPal”
  5. Once approved, you will return to page with form.
  6. Complete required fields, including password.
  7. Click PLACE ORDER (may take a few minutes to complete).
  8. Receive email confirming membership.
  9. Make a note of your password.
  10. To view or make changes to your account, select “My Account” under “Join”

How to Use Social Networking:

  1. On right sidebar under “The Portal,” enter email and password.
  2. Click “Log in”
  3. Gain social networking access in upper, top-righthand corner black bar
  4. Click on “Edit my Profile”
  5. Click on “Profile” and “Edit Name” if you wish.
  6. Change Profile Photo.
  7. Check out member page
  8. Friend people you’d like to interact with.
  9. Make posts like you would on Facebook.
  10. Interact with friends.

Access platform via mobile device:

  1. Log in on the home page under “The Portal”
  2. Click on profile pic in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Navigate as you would on the computer.
  4. Notifications will show up there.

Using the Forum (for Standard & Premium Members)

  1. Click on the “Forum” navigation in the menu.
  2. Choose which forum you wish to explore and click on it.
  3. Search for topics with keywords.
  4. If you find a topic which matches your interested, you can participate.
  5. If you do not find a topic which matches the interest, you can add a new topic.
  6. Add a new topic in the field underneath the topic list.
  7. Your social networking profile has a link to see your list of topics.