The Matrix

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Everything exists in the absolute, as does the synthetic matrix universe of the divines, that too exists within the absolute, but it is a control mechanism, it is the matrix of illusion. We with the illusion of awakening awareness who are making a transition or a phase/wave change with our perceived reality, as we turn away from the prison of … Read More

Musings of the Beloved Self

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Will I be able to look deeply into your eyes? Will the intensity I find there blind me? Frighten me? Unbind my heart? Sear the inside of my soul? These questions I ask and contemplate For even though you are me and I am you Will we love Self enough To unite without fear, Without reservation, Without holding onto each … Read More

Standing in Self Love

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With regards to the “runners theory” in a twin flame/twin soul dynamic, Source counsels thus: In a bona fide twin flame union, the two don’t necessarily run but learn how to stand in their own Self Love. That could be interpreted as running, however, you do not need to choose to see it that way, for running has a fearful … Read More

Letting Go in Self Love

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  When immersing oneself in the path of Self Love, practicing loving Self more through adversity, practicing letting go when things don’t go the way one wants them to, practicing letting go of the need to have a particular “format” to one’s life, one discovers that the Universal Flow is extremely more vast and knowledgeable than ones small self can ever be. Having done … Read More

Infinite Perfection in Sacred Union

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  My love I hear your voice I feel your wings Surround me in sweet embrace “For your protection,” you softly say. Your breath on my neck. Your hand resting gently on my core. I feel a heightened sense of well being Not because I have need Of protection per se, But I now become aware That I am protecting … Read More

Release the Pain

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The only purpose for pain in any relationship is to learn how to let go of it and allow the divine to unfold without interfering. Pain is just a way to let us know there is something to release, such as an idea of how things should be or the need for certain behaviors from the other. Let it all … Read More


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Expressions of Joy Heart Calling Connection with Source All that Is Breathless Energy Surging Happiness Sense of Purpose Being in the Now Certainty Of Path Fulfilled Divine Purpose Realized Accomplished Heart Opening Deep Eternal Love You Are ALWAYS By Debbie Saffer DuBois

Celestial Dance of God

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As awareness of self dawns upon the being, like the sun rising across the land, gently pushing back the shadows of forgetfulness, then the realization that all who you meet are whispering to you, singing a song, so fine of tune, so pure of note, of such beauty in the lyrics, that most are stunned by its beauty and entranced … Read More