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Under the Blue Moon We meet quietly Among stars hidden from view Soft whispers of love, Soul filling breath With a sad longing. Where hugs are needed They are given freely. In living remembrance Of times past and future Which exist NOW But seem distant. Through the portal ‘Tis no distance at all. Illusory Time stops, Souls Desire Always beckoning … Read More

Stuck in Twin Flame Land?

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I am so very inspired to be writing this today. In the moment of NOW, I knew it was time to “unpack” the modules of information that I have downloaded over the past two weeks. A couple nights ago, Keleena Malnar and I connected for several hours and shared a Source download session from Higher Guidance. The guidance she received … Read More

My Thoughts Today on 5D Consciousness

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This is first video I have created on spiritual topics. It’s a short 4 minute video about my experience and a few simple thoughts on 5D consciousness. I’m going to start doing videos like this as topics come to me that I believe will be of value. I love to write, but I feel called to communicate in a new … Read More