Heart Awakenings and Connection

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I am called to share a new download of information today with the twin flame community. Actually, this message is specifically for those people who have been experiencing heart awakening and ended up in the online twin flame community looking for explanations. Again, I will reiterate what I have personally been shown by Source to be true: There are a … Read More

NOW In Time

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Over rainbows Through portals In the starlight We meet To gaze in eyes Whisper sweet words Poetry of Love Tenderly spoken Soft sounds of Love Gentle touches Shimmers of Light Splashing down Surrounding us Illuminating Hearts wide Sharing secrets Only for us But love for all Laughter Brightness Beaming Glittering eyes Soft Lips Playing until we Are called Home Until … Read More

Branded With Love

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I see your face, none have your beauty I feel your soul, it left me blind I touched an angel, whispers of heaven You caught my heart, left me wild Heart open, ocean deepness Heart open, sky wide Oh to look upon your beauty Is to know, to touch divine A silky moment, lasts forever A still choice, a piece … Read More