In A Tree

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Yesterday was a day of tears for me. I woke very frustrated by a situation I found myself in. I was disillusioned, very hurt and unhappy. You see, my love for the process of awakening is pretty much all I want to experience now. It brings me joy and excitement for there is so very much opening for all of … Read More

September Update Part 2 Unattaching, 3rd vs. 5th dimensional realty

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Here is Part Two of the video I did a few days ago. Find out how important the unattaching process at this time and why! This is not just for relationships. This is for everything, although it is my personal opinion that relationships are really for the base chakra, basic needs, final onion layer types of attachments. Once gone, you … Read More

Keeping it Loose

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When I created my most recent video, Venus Retro on 8-31-15, about “un-attaching”, a good friend of mine from the Netherlands messaged me. He told me he enjoyed the video and it got him thinking that there is a Dutch word he likes to use rather than any form of attach. The terms he prefers is “los houden,” which means to “keep it loose.” … Read More

On Mission

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To be at peace As I wake from illusion And see truth Is a wonderful and Powerful feeling I have done my work I am emerging Breaking spells Of silent movies And standing still My moment NOW is all about Love Inner Light and Knowing my own Strength Make no mistakes I am strong Courageous No fear of being Alone … Read More