Twin Flames / Lightworker Path to Wholeness

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Sitting in a meadow in nature, I opened myself to source connection and asked Source how one comes into wholeness. Though I have been on the path, sometimes it is difficult for me to actually explain when asked by others. Therefore I sought higher understanding of what I have been going through personally. And, as I asked the question, Source answered, … Read More

Twin Flame Journey: Staying Sane as a Twin Soul

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It appears that many people who feel they are on the twin soul / twin flame journey continue to go through periods of complete unhappiness with their journey. So many people communicate—as comments on posts—their exasperation at their having this connection that they cannot seem to break. They feel “stuck” with their twin. Many individuals express the feeling of imprisonment in … Read More

Spiritual Mission and Divine Calling for Twin Souls and Light Workers

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Everyone comes in with a spiritual mission it is true. The number of spiritual missions are as varied as the number of souls on the planet. The reason there are so many different kinds of spiritual missions is that we are all “One,” experiencing itself from unlimited perspectives. If we all had the same perspective, what would be the point? … Read More