10 Sign of an Awakened “Twin”

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1. You’ve lived it and are no longer in pain 😂 2. You’ve grown so much that your perspective becomes so high that everything makes sense. 3. You can laugh at just about anything 4. You are in joy most of the time with or without the “twin” 5. You no longer have things that trigger you into pain and … Read More

Vibrations of Love Radio Show: Sunday Feb. 12 @ 2:00 p.m.

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Please Join Us! for VIBRATIONS OF LOVE Hosted By: Debbie DuBois & Keleena Malnar Call-in Radio Show Format. We will be addressing questions on twinflames, sacred partnerships & harmonic relationships from our own ascension twin flame experience. We never know who may surprise us from beyond the veil with Keleena. Also, there will be a SPECIAL VALENTINE’S GIVE AWAY to … Read More