Spiritual Mentor for Catalytic Heart Awakening

Debbie is a highly-experienced wayshower for those who are experiencing the catalytic heart awakening process of the soul. Those going through the ascension process and undergoing the huge transformation will find profound assistance and encouragement. Guidance from higher perspectives, enables those on this path to accelerate their journey into wholeness. Debbie’s forte is to take things from a higher perspective and ground them into a way that all people can understand.

Debbie's True Sacred Union support system was developed in order for her to share her personal experience of this proess and deliver guidance on a platform that can help a larger number of people. So many people on the catalytic heart awakening path of ascension have struggled to advance on this path. Debbie strives to provide insight, clarity, and encouragement to all who endeavor to move up in vibration on this path.

As a personal mentor, she can help you reduce the time it takes you to get to the state of being where you are in balance and wholeness.

What People Say…

“I love your posts. They resonate so much with me! I believe many others who are waking up now and those who will be waking up, will be looking for words of wisdom and comfort, such as the ones you speak.” Amanda
“We all have questions from time to time and you assist by bringing clarification & understanding which is very much needed. Thank you for all the insightful & helpful videos & posts.”
“You’re shining your light and being yourself and allowing others to be drawn to you so they can learn to shine their own light. Your posts touch people, walking your path in the Debbie way which is beautiful ….”Angela

A Personal Note from Debbie

"Ever since a teenager, I have had the gift of helping people connect with their own Higher Source Guidance in order bring to them the precise information they need when they need it. This has happened with family, friends, and strangers alike. Sometimes people are in my life for long periods of time. Other times I meet someone who starts telling me everything about themselves while saying, 'I never tell anyone this stuff.' And I’ll find myself giving them information that I somehow know they need to hear. I’ve gotten really good at 'getting out of the way' and letting Higher Self speak. Simply bringing the information into someone’s awareness has often helped people shift their lives in amazing ways. It’s just what I do.

"When I embarked what I consider 'the catalytic heart awakening path' — which began for me in 2012 with a twin soul heart awakening — I started several Facebook Groups and surrounded myself with others who were also walking this path. Naturally, I began sharing the Source Knowledge and Higher Guidance that I was receiving about my own heart awakening with those who resonated with my journey or shared it.... And that is how all of this was started." To read more about my story go to my blog post by clicking the button below...

~With much love, Debbie DuBois