How to be Your Authentic Self in the “Real World”

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What does it mean to be your authentic self? And, which Self do you refer to when you think of being your authentic self? What IS the authentic self? The roles we play in the many different areas of our lives are widely varied. How can we consistently be our authentic selves in those roles. Can we?

A lot of us on the twin flame or catalytic heart awakening path–this ascension path of spiritual awakening–often have to ask ourselves the question, “Am I being my authentic self” when it comes to our circumstances. More often than not, it is not possible to be completely honest about your situation without creating hurt and damage around you. Who do you tell what to? Can you talk to others about your path? How do others feel about your path? All of these things become a real challenge for someone on the catalytic heart awakening path. And YET, you are being pressed more and more to stand in your truth. Live from your heart center. Be the change you wish to see. So it’s an interesting thing to explore, no?

And, if you are not asking yourself these questions, it’s more than likely in the recesses of your mind because that is what this path asks of you. And, if you do not address it directly, you will project it onto others (like so many of us good human do) and other people will appear to be challenging you to be your authentic self.

While this video doesn’t completely address all of these questions, it is my contemplation during some “me time” on University of Georgia campus. During this video, I offer an example of how I personally had to ask myself if I was being my authentic self and reflect on what that actually means. We will be asking ourselves more and more consistently to look in the mirror. I have shared my look in the mirror with you today! Enjoy!

Sending you lots of love and light!

Written with love,

By Debbie DuBois
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