Branded With Love

Debbie DuBoisAuthor C.R., PoetryLeave a Comment

I see your face, none have your beauty
I feel your soul, it left me blind

I touched an angel, whispers of heaven
You caught my heart, left me wild

Heart open, ocean deepness
Heart open, sky wide

Oh to look upon your beauty
Is to know, to touch divine

A silky moment, lasts forever
A still choice, a piece of divine,

I’m still breathless, wide open
Heart on fire, sheer divine

None can measure, or surpass you
No one can see, it’ll make you blind

Love is my master, or rather my mistress
Actually – the Goddess Divine

Such a silence, can last forever
Such a Love, can only be mine

If I stare,
I’ll be singed forever

Branded with LOVE

By C.R.

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