Keeping it Loose

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When I created my most recent video, Venus Retro on 8-31-15, about “un-attaching”, a good friend of mine from the Netherlands messaged me. He told me he enjoyed the video and it got him thinking that there is a Dutch word he likes to use rather than any form of attach. The terms he prefers is “los houden,” which means to “keep it loose.” … Read More

On Mission

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To be at peace As I wake from illusion And see truth Is a wonderful and Powerful feeling I have done my work I am emerging Breaking spells Of silent movies And standing still My moment NOW is all about Love Inner Light and Knowing my own Strength Make no mistakes I am strong Courageous No fear of being Alone … Read More

Stuck in Twin Flame Land?

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I am so very inspired to be writing this today. In the moment of NOW, I knew it was time to “unpack” the modules of information that I have downloaded over the past two weeks. A couple nights ago, Keleena Malnar and I connected for several hours and shared a Source download session from Higher Guidance. The guidance she received … Read More

My Thoughts Today on 5D Consciousness

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This is first video I have created on spiritual topics. It’s a short 4 minute video about my experience and a few simple thoughts on 5D consciousness. I’m going to start doing videos like this as topics come to me that I believe will be of value. I love to write, but I feel called to communicate in a new … Read More

Loving Self Through Pain

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There are those who counsel thus: Pain tells you that you are doing something wrong. I do not agree. I think of pain (and other unpleasant feelings) as a guidance system to tell me that I can do something that would make me feel better. In fact, if it shows up for me, I know it’s RIGHT because it is … Read More

Standing in Self Love

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With regards to the “runners theory” in a twin flame/twin soul dynamic, Source counsels thus: In a bona fide twin flame union, the two don’t necessarily run but learn how to stand in their own Self Love. That could be interpreted as running, however, you do not need to choose to see it that way, for running has a fearful … Read More

Letting Go in Self Love

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  When immersing oneself in the path of Self Love, practicing loving Self more through adversity, practicing letting go when things don’t go the way one wants them to, practicing letting go of the need to have a particular “format” to one’s life, one discovers that the Universal Flow is extremely more vast and knowledgeable than ones small self can ever be. Having done … Read More

Path to Self

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I do believe in a twin soul but as a PATH TO SELF and once Self unites with Self in relationship on the planet it elevates the vibration of Earth…this website is dedicated more to how to get right with Self…all relationships can be used to return you to Self, but twin flame path actually can act as a catalyst … Read More