Happy Valentine’s Day

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On this day of February 14, 2016, let us not dwell on the romantic notions of love, but on the higher forms that love exists which is through heart connection of the highest order. The love that runs through your spiritual bodies is the fabric of life itself. There are times when we focus specifically on another being as a replacement for self. We see in their eyes something we cannot see in our own. But if you were to look in the mirror, you would see the eyes of another being. The eyes of a being you do not always pay attention to. The You in the mirror.
The You in the mirror is something that is completely constructed of love and by love and in love. You can see your worthiness if you only would look. You would see the materials from which you are made. This being is alive with the love that flows through every particle of life. And it has the ability to know itself in others but also itself. For there are parts of you that you have left behind on the other side so to speak. These parts of you are what you refer to as your Higher Self or Oversoul or other variety of labels. And those parts of your being are always there with you, watching you and loving you into wholeness—wholeness that you do not see yourself.
On this day of Valentines, take a moment to feel your connection with that aspect of your Self. That love is yours to feel. That love is yours to invite in and that love is why there is never a “single” person on the planet. If you believe you are single, you are mistaken. You can never be single for you are not singular. You are part of All That Is, and you are part of a collective of individual consciousness that cannot be separate.
There is always another piece of You who loves You. So take a moment to connect with that energy. Know who you are. Do not think that the only way to experience a Valentine’s Day is through connecting with another human being, although there is great joy in that, as well. You, however, have a love within yourself that you truly share for all eternity—the “Disney” version of love. It exists but you do not know for you are not consciously seeking it where it is. IN YOU.
So take a moment of this day to feel your connection with that love within yourself. That love that flows to you, breaths fire into your heart and lets you know that you are beautiful, worthy, and magnificent. For you ARE. You are magnificent. This Valentine’s Day and every other day.
~Source Transmission 2/14/16
Written with Love by Debbie Saffer DuBois
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