Musings of the Beloved Self

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Will I be able to look deeply into your eyes?
Will the intensity I find there blind me?
Frighten me? Unbind my heart?
Sear the inside of my soul?

These questions I ask and contemplate
For even though you are me and I am you
Will we love Self enough
To unite without fear,
Without reservation,
Without holding onto each other so tight
As to bind one another in illusion
But instead to let go…allowing Self to blend and balance
Releasing each other to be
The beings of infinite perfection we are
For as Bright Lights, we will draw others
Who wish to bathe in our Light
and breathe in our Essence.
Surely knowing we are One
We will be without fear
Without repression
Knowing only Oneness with All

In my heart I know the answers
For how could there be any confusion.
When you arrive, there will be no questions
In my heart, I know that until I entirely
Love my Self in full consciousness,
I will not even recognize you.
Until that moment,
Neither am I alone nor in despair
For my Source Self accompanies me,
Fills my heart with joy,
Protects me and loves me,
Erases pain and illusion,
Prepares me for you and for me
Whoever, wherever, and whenever You Are


Written by Debbie Saffer DuBois

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