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It’s interesting that one of the posts I made on moving away from labels like twin flames in May of 2015 was brought back to life yesterday, and even the likes of Mel Brand, noticed it and commented “it’s about time!” I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing it back out for review because there are some conclusions I have come to over the last couple of years about sacred union and am astounded by the perfect alignment and timing involved in this process. Comments have been received by people reading it for the first time that had read it back in 2015, they would not have been able to really accept it or take it on board.

The article was about the changing of my group name from something twin flames—I honestly cannot remember the old name—to Heart Connections and Sacred Union. Away from twin flame labels. What is interesting is that I am going change the group name again to brand it again with the term that has resonated most with me and is the name of my website and Facebook page: True Sacred Union. So, this article will be posted in my newly named group True Sacred Union.

The reason why this is all so significant to me at this time is that I feel I have in some ways come full circle with this whole path and journey. And, in doing that I am almost finished creating a social support platform purely for the purpose of supporting those who wish to exodus out of the trap that the twin flame land can become. I myself became ensnared with the fantasy of twin flames. Not that there is no such dynamic. I will be the first to state it exists and is real within the matrix of experience. And, it serves great purpose. But what I have discovered is it is a stepping stone to an even greater love. One that promises much more security and oneness than any one person can bring to you. And it is the ascension process which allows you to come into sacred union with yourself first and then another.

I have been calling this connection on the larger scale, catalytic heart awakenings. And that is because it is not limited to twin flames (which are defined in the matrix belief system as being two bodies, one soul). And, as a side not. Please hear me. I totally accept that concept as POSSIBLE. I just cannot see why it would NOT be possible. After all, do we not separate from Source in a myriad of ways and come into “stepped down energies” and individuate to meet ourselves in others? Why not further separate a strand of energies into two charged polarities, feminine and masculine? And, why NOT use it as another classroom of experience to grow from? To say it is NOT possible is to limit one’s knowledge. To deny that is to deny that ALL is possible. But to say that this experience is real in the higher realms of experience is not logical. For we are all from the ONE of All That Is and we cannot be separated in reality.

So, to address the exodus out of twin flame land, there is a paradox here. One who understand that the belief systems can trap people and has overcome them must actually use the word “twin flame” to get the attention of those who are “stuck.” And, that is truly what I use the word for now. It is not that I do not respect the connection. To the contrary! I cannot express how actually strong those people are who have come in with that planned connection. It is one of the fastest path to ascension for breaking old patterns, beliefs and thoughts systems. And, to do that within oneself first will automatically translate into system wide changes. But to share my understanding with “twins” only, is not why I came. I came to help ALL who can hear to make the transition from the old relationship templates to the new “untemplated” and unchartered territories of connection here on the planet. And, to help people become ONE within themselves.

A catalytic heart awakening is a term that to me perfectly describes what is taking place system wide. This has nothing to do with twin flames, except that they “went first” in many cases. And, there is no limitations on the new sacred partnerships. They are defined by the individuals involved. And they are what will be emerging. What IS emerging. But at the “time” of this writing it has not yet taken hold on the planet system wide. We are in the process of it. It is coming and it is coming fast.

My heart’s purpose has ALWAYS been to get to a place where I can experience sacred partnership at the highest levels possible. I knew it from the day I woke up to the existence of “boys” in my world. Having come full circle on this journey and standing in my own wholeness, I now understand the entire journey to this point. And I know why I had to experience it. It didn’t make it easier to experience. But it does at least make sense to me now! And my whole purpose in this portion of my life is to help others get to the other side. Because this is where the beauty really begins!

On a side note, my sweet friend, John, and I talked this morning about the word FUSION this morning. And, once we come into our complete wholeness of sacred union in self and with another, there can be fusion. The merging of energies to know ourselves as ONE together. But never can that exist with co-dependency. And our planet was seeded with co-dependency that MUST go. It is from co-dependency or dependency that all pain is born. And it is this reason people get stuck in twin flame land. Their NEED for another person to help them experience their wholeness. And, THAT is what needs to shift.

So, the work still must be done for all of us. To move away from labels. What I love about catalytic heart awakening is it’s a description for what is happening and NOT a noun. It is the process of moving forward in a journey that leads one back to Self at the highest levels and it can easily be shifted to the next descriptive word as the whole entire experience for the collective shifts into even higher gear.

I also have been calling the connection we have to specific people “catalytic heart connections” because again it is more of an appropriate description without all the old stories and fairytales associated with it. When I think of the term “twin flames” I think of burning off stuff but most people have been programmed for a whole set of beliefs. You can read them in people’s “signs of twin flames.” It’s not that those signs don’t exist, but the problem is we attach to the definitions by awareness and start creating them and don’t bust out of the limitations of the definition. And, we focus on those definitions as the justification for why we are uncomfortable with our own selves in connection. Instead of learning how to overcome our discomfort.

The good news is this. The catalytic heart awakenings and connection cannot help but eventually lead you in the right direction as we discover that the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. And we are forced to change! We cannot help it. Our soul will push us until we do. But how long do we wallow in the land of pain and misery? That is up to us. And, fortunately some of us came here to go first so we could help awaken others.

My goal is to be there for people who know they WANT to change but are unsure HOW to change it. Changing is simple, but sometimes it isn’t easy because we make it difficult. We humans are notorious for making things difficult for ourselves. I am dedicated to assisting people who honestly want to shift. It’s fast and easy and doesn’t have to be difficult. But we must become UNSTUCK. And we must at some point be willing to exodus OUT of twin flame land. We need not leave others socially behind to do it. We don’t need to leave our groups on Facebook, but we can change the purpose of our connections. But, we have to be willing to face ourselves in the mirror and then be better able to join others in a new place!

So much more coming! I have so much in the works right now that I cannot wait to share. But for now, I will leave it at this. We are moving quickly through this transition to the new love relationships. And it starts with US. I am so encouraged because so many people realize this. Let’s help those that are STUCK understand as best we can that the path is about uncovering our blocks to love.

And please, I ask those of you who believe you are really twin flames, to respect all people’s path. I implore everyone to respect those who are quite apparently NOT two souls in one body based on your own personal experience. They may not have the same connection you’ve experienced and may be looking for love outside themselves. But most likely so were YOU. It’s the same path. I ask everyone to HELP THEM when you can. Not by belittle their experiences or telling them “you don’t want to go there!” It’s understandable. You really don’t want them to get stuck. SO, HELP THEM not get stuck!

Extend your knowledge and understanding to them. Show them the way. They are on the same path. They are moving towards their highest being just as you are. There is no US and them. There is only ALL. Together we can make this transition quickly and hopefully less painfully and move into greater creative expression TOGETHER! In TRUE SACRED UNION.

Much love always!


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4 Comments on “Into Sacred Union The Exodus Out of Twin Flame Land”

  1. This and several other articles i have read today are most helpful support for a weird “twin flame” sort of place I find myself in. I won’t even try to explain because it has given me so many options to reflect and meditate on what is happening. I agree truly with everything you are saying! Thanks for sharing your emerging wisdom and for the fact that there is truly wisdom to emerge for all of us!
    Depending on what shakes out for me today I may schedule a conversation to help me move beyond this place…..depending.

    A great article from ICHRAK speaks of the energies of Jupiter cazimi the sun which describes where we are today whether twins or not but is very apropo what is occurring.

    Best wishes Debbie.

    1. Thank you Nancy for sharing those thoughts! The information truly is all around us for those of us with ears to hear! why don’t you share that link here if you think it would be helpful for others…the ICHRAK article! Let me know if you do want that session at some point. I’m sure we will have a very interesting time!! Much love!

  2. From my experience with my twin flame

    He guided me all through out my inner journey and along the way he told me about the missions nd that is to serve humanity.

    But he also emphasized that my highest goal is to be the best version of me to be great in all areas of my life and to not settle for anything less than I deserve

    In physical union my point of view is not codependency but sharing your wholeness to him

    And that can only be attained by being great in all areas of my life.

    I still stick to the physical union not because of codependency but love is nothing if not shared and yes we can share it to the whole of humanity

    But there’s this one person we know we can share our wholeness without judgment because its all cleared in the journey

    And through example we inspire people how to change templates of relationship

    And relationships as a whole and individual

    Fill our cups first before we extend ourselves to others

    And in physical union that is how I can truly say I did it. That I have truly done my mission

    As I’ve seen it that is how Yoko Ono and John Lennon was..they just shared their wholeness together

    That is in my own perspectives

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective… <3 I agree that physical union is important in that it is the physical manifestation of the higher dimensional creation expression and connection between two people. Fortunately for all the world, this connection is available to all who do the work to achieve it. It is the NEW expression on the planet which does not have regard for rules and is totally away from the current templates of co-dependency, neediness, and economic support. Thanks, again for sharing Christina!! <3

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