UPDATE! Slight change made since video release. Three membership levels now! FREE stuff still available but basic level now includes FAQs AND social networking! Will redo video as soon as possible.

LAUNCHING SOON!! The TSU community gives you an opportunity to delve deeper into your path to wholeness within the heart catalytic awakening ascension path. Connect with others who are serious about moving into a state of wholeness, those on the path of becoming all that they are on a higher level.

This platform was created just for you, to provide a safe and resonant environment to support your ascension process through teach and learn, learn and teach experience with other like vibration people. We encourage you to make new friends and help each other on this very challenging path. Read below to see what services are offering through the portal and individually.

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What is the TSU Portal?

A three-tier membership platform providing access to several helpful support components:

  • support forum
  • member network
  • monthly conference call
  • group session discounts
  • And much, much more!

How It Works

For a minimal monthly membership fee, you can gain access to all kinds of support as you negotiate this challenging path. Each of the membership components list above is more fully described in the sections below. Please freel free to get in touch if you have any specific questions about the Portal.

Support Forum

About the Forum

Access to support is helpful on challenging days. Receive (and provide) support in a high vibe, private environment. Find answers/solutions to your most pressing questions/problems by communicating with like-vibration people who are navigating similar paths. 

How It Works

Search the forum to find similar situations to yours, or seeks answers to similar questions you might have. If you find a topic thread which addresses your issue, you can participate in that thread. If you find no relevant posts, create a new topic. Those who resonate with your situation or understand it can help. Debbie and other moderators will monitor the boards to ensure at least an acknowledgement of the situation is made and answer as experience dictates. 

Why Choose Our Support Forum?

  • Like vibration members
  • Away from "other" FB friends
  • Make new friends
  • Have access to the support forum
  • A nice "get away"

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Member Network

About the Member Network

The Member Network is an extension of the Forum that provides social networking between members. People who would rather talk away from the group can chat or message each other privately, much like Facebook. You can post things you'd like to share like your own writing or creative works with other members.

How It Works

Once you have created your profile, browse the member directory and connect with people who you feel resonate most with. You may know some of these people already from Groups on Facebook, or read their discussions in topics on the Forum. Essentially, this social network works a lot like facebook so it should be comfortable for you. Not much to learn, very intuitive. 

Why Choose Our Member Network?

  • Talk with others away from Facebook
  • Safe, more private environment
  • Focus on the ascension path here
  • Post and share insights freely
  • A place to share your creative expression

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Monthly Conference Calls

About the Conference Call

On the second Friday of each month, this conference call consists of a 15-minute introduction by Debbie to set the topic. The remainder of the two hour call provides discussion and issues members are having and/or question and answer. Maybe on occasion, Debbie will do a live tarot reading for the energies. Additional calls MAY be held throughout the month for members with special guest interviews or other fun stuff! 

How It Works

Once month (at least) Debbie will hold a members-only conference call for whomever would like to attend. The call replay will be made available in the forum for members who cannot or do not want to participate on the call. If you have issues at that time that you want to discuss, the conference call is a great opportunity! 

Why Attend Our Conference Call?

  • Informative and fun!
  • Ask questions and get insightful answer
  • Receive guidance to pressing issues
  • Call remains within group, more private
  • Impact others with your questions

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Individual & Group Sessions

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About Sessions

Sometimes you need a bit more clarity and a higher perspective of your specific situation to help you move forward. As an additional service outside the portal, Debbie offers individual and group sessions. Individual sessions are completely focused on you and your situation. Group sessions are a less costly way to gain clarity along with others.

How It Works

For individual session, book a session here. If you are interest in participating in a group workshop simply contact Debbie through the contact form here. She will put together group sessions as the interested is expressed. Topics will also be determined based on what the session participants are interested in.

Why Book Sessions?

  • One on one attention
  • Ask questions and get insightful answers
  • Discover higher perspectives
  • Assistance in ascension process
  • Group sessions are cost-effective

Book A Session

Workshops & Other Events


Nothing is better than getting together face to face with people who are on a similar spiritual path. We will create as many opportunities as possible to make this happen and looks forward to collaborating with others as opportunities become available.

Whether in person or online workshops, we will do everything possible to bring valuable information and insight into the ascension awakening path.

Debbie plans to participate in any events that resonate with her that she feels are beneficial for a good number of members and others on the path. 

Upcoming Events

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