Soul Guidance Tarot Reading


Order this 20-30 minute tarot reading for twin flames or individuals if you’d like some higher guidance on your spiritual journey. This recorded reading will answer your most pressing questions and concerns regarding your twin flame, sacred partnership or individual ascension journey. Debbie uses the The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr and The Ascended Master Deck by Doreen Virtue.

FOR Twin Flames, Sacred Partnerships, or Individuals

This reading is a seven-card reading. You will receive a photo of the tarot layout (and each individual card), along with a voice recording link to you through email.



Order this 20-30 minute soul guidance tarot reading to get some clarity about your most pressing questions and concerns. Generally a seven-card reading (or other inspired layout), you will receive:

  • a beautiful photo of the tarot card layout
  • answers to your most pressing questions
  • a voice recording by Debbie

When ordering, send an email that describes what guidance you are seeking.

Sample readings below:

Divine masculine reading NYE 12-31-17:
Divine feminine reading 12-29-17:


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