Tarot Reading and Monthly Energy Report for Twin Flames DF/DM

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In this December Tarot Reading and Energy Report, we are taking more of a quantum approach to presenting information. And, though this video has been uploaded at a specific time-space, this video is not only for this specific time period. Yes, there some references to the period of time-space we are currently in, but information brought through is intended to reach the right people at the right time. Therefore, we will not be entitling the videos with the month and year.

My internal guidance showed me that Source information delivered at regular intervals (monthly) is a clear path over time. I was shown that quantum approach should prove more beneficial for the many. For viable information is provided to all and one may not listen if information is dated as “old information.” This is not unlike Kryon, of Magnetic Service, knows who is in the room for each of his gatherings. And, he also is aware of who will be listening to recorded messages later. Such is the quantumness of the YoUniverse. All perfectly timed so that people get the right information at the right time.

In this energy installment, I take a new approach to my tarot reading. I do a reading first for the divine feminine and then a reading for the divine masculine. Afterwards, I entertwine the two readings together to show how each are supporting each other on their journeys–both individually and together.

There are so many shifts and changes going on for the divine masculine right now. Some of the strongest of the strong are struggling. But their universe is forcing old non-working systems and thought-forms to change. That goes for the divine feminine as well.

If you wish to know more, please take a listen! I hope you enjoy this report as much as I enjoyed recording it for you!

Much Love and Light,

Debbie DuBois

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2 Comments on “Tarot Reading and Monthly Energy Report for Twin Flames DF/DM”

  1. I am loving this site.
    Thank you for the confirmations I have been feeling so much that you have mentioned in this video.
    From someone who has found their Twin Flame . Thanks again!
    Love and Light
    The Devine Feminine

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