There is Only LOVE

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I see through the matrix illusion

Of the you I see with my eyes

To the You I know with my Heart

I know Who You Are

And will not forget it though you may

I know You in Freedom

I know You in Truth

I know You in Honor

I know You in Sacredness

Only the Light do I see

Only the Love do I honor

I will wait for You

Until the End of Time

For there is no such thing

It is NOW always for us

In this NOW you shine

In this NOW you are free

In this NOW you reach out

There is no pain

There is no smallness

There is no sleep

There is only LOVE

In a Calm Awakenedness

Where your Heart beats for Me

And mine for you

as ONE Heartbeat We are


And Always


~Written with Love

By Debbie DuBois

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.


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