To Know Freedom

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Though I am strong, my Love

And do not need to be taken care of

Know that my heart beats steadily

With LOVE ALWAYS for You

And knowing my Freedom

I will show the way to Freedom

For it is a gift easily given

Having already received it.

I am without expectations

For I know Who You Are

A good man.

A giving and loving man.

A kind and thoughtful man.

A great Being of Light.

Shine brightly as the Beacon you are.

Do not hold back the Light.

Show the world how easy it is

To inhale the fresh air of Self

And, to exhale the false beliefs of old.

Trust, my Love, that you can now thrive

In wholeness and honesty

Let your creative juices flow

From your most precious heart space

And BE in the moment of NOW

Where your Being takes you

And KNOW that I am Always Home.

Return when the soul beckons,

When the warm sun and cool breeze

Call you back into my loving arms

Once again in Wholeness

Forever in Oneness

IN Truth and Love




~Written with Love by Debbie Saffer DuBois
All rights reserved…Copyright 2017

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