Q and A Real World Ascension and Twin Flame Guidance

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Last night I had the great honor of being invited to be a FB Live guest in Twin Flames Divine to share ascension and twin flame guidance. It was a blast interacting with the group and I was able to offer up a bunch of real world answers to some pretty tricky questions, thanks to a good source connection!

You know, questions are asked in groups over and over again on FB. Lots of information out there will get you stuck in a waiting mode for some magical moment in the future when you will be happy. I enjoyed the opportunity to go live as I am dedicated to bring twin flame guidance to help people remember their higher vibrational selves. I believe in being happy NOW!

The messages in this video are powerful even after reviewing it myself. Source connection was very strong and aligned with the real world information you can use to move forward into new levels of happiness and self acceptance. If you are looking for some real world answers to the very challenging spiritual path some call twin flames, twin souls, ascension, sacred partnership, etc., this video is for you. Loaded with great questions and answers, find out real working solutions to move yourself into higher vibrational connection and learn how to navigate the ascension path in a smoother way.

Also included is a good look at my new support platform, the True Sacred Union Portal which will be offering twin flame guidance on this path for those who resonate with the information I share. We will be launching the new platform on January 11, 2018, but are taking pre-registration. If after exporing the Portal here on my website, you believe this could be of value, I encourage you to sign up soon because we are accepted limited registration for the initial launch. The first launch is going to be very interactive with me as I work to create a smooth start to a helpful resource tool for all. If you believe this is for you, please take a moment to pre-register here: https://truesacredunion.com/join/



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2 Comments on “Q and A Real World Ascension and Twin Flame Guidance”

  1. I met my twin flame ,I love him beyond explanation ! I was happy for the ONLY time in my life with him ,it was like I was watching a movie play out and we were the stars! He cannot accept this and it has caused me soul crushing heartbreak. How do I deal with this until we are reunited ?

    1. Well it sounds like your journey has just started, my dear! It is the most rewarding path you could ever embark upon, albiet it is not the easiest. I have written many articles on this website about this path and somethings that will help. I would highly recommend reading up on this. The most important thing to know is this…your soul has asked for this experience to bring you into your highest authentic self and prepare you for sacred union. It is highly typically for one or both people to run away from this kind of connection for the most important reason. We cannot complete another person. If they could complete you, there would be no need to part. However, breaking the old co-dependent relationship templates is what this connection does for each person individually and that is how we change the world collectively. Therefore, you cannot have any elements of co-dependency in that kind of union. And, this connection has set you up to shift all things about yourself that are not in alignment with unconditional love and your highest complete authentic being. You will go through whatever you need to in order to move into the state where you are ready. If you desire, I offer support right here on the website, but will not be launching the “support” platform until 1/11. You could however, save yourself lots of heartache and think about booking a session. Most people that have worked with me right from the beginning have saved themselves a LOT of the heartache that I experience. My mother is also a twin and swears that she was saved years of heartache because I was able to practically assist her through the difficult stages. I would highest suggest looking at the standard membership because what you would learn would help minimize the pain you might experienced when I went through it. It’s all about persective. Let me know if I can be of help on that journey. At least read through all the information that is available for free on my website and on Facebook and Youtube, then see if you still need support! Congratulations though…you really are on your way to becoming more happy then you ever thought possible. hang in there <

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