Twin Flames / Lightworker Path to Wholeness

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Sitting in a meadow in nature, I opened myself to source connection and asked Source how one comes into wholeness. Though I have been on the path, sometimes it is difficult for me to actually explain when asked by others. Therefore I sought higher understanding of what I have been going through personally. And, as I asked the question, Source answered, “It is a process—a process that cannot be rushed and has no shortcuts.”

We can only come into wholeness as we go through the step-by-step process of eliminating those blocks we have to love. For as we remove those blocks that we have to love, we teach ourselves about loving ourselves. As we learn to love others, we cannot help but learn to love ourselves. For we are the others with whom we interact and have relationships.

As we eliminate the blocks we have to love, more and more of our Higher Self can embody into our physical body. As that happens our authentic being starts to show up more and more. We become more and more loving, more and more patient, more and more in truth and our own power. As that process moves further along and we become more authentic, we are simultaneously raising in consciousness. That is because consciousness is what our higher selves consist of.

The more conscious we become, the higher our perspectives of situations around us. The more conscious we become the more able we are to take responsibility for the creations in our reality. Because when we realize we are creating our own reality, we realize that only we can be responsible. And, when we have made the decision to take full responsibility with no blame on others for the creation of our reality, we are whole within this “Earthly reality” of self.

The process of opening up to our full consciousness with our higher self’s participation, continues long after we step in to wholeness for wholeness merely means taking responsibility for creating our reality.

The journey of wholeness does not end, but rather continues infinitely as the “master creator” in us begins to create for the expansion of All. Once we come into our full awakening consciousness and have taken responsibility for our creations, we can then expand into creating consciously by our preferences. We begin to ask ourselves what we preferred to create. And we create what we prefer by following our highest excitement. It is in doing so that we experience great joy!

When we create consciously through our preferences and by following our highest excitement, we become the leading edge of creation which continues to expand infinitely forever.

So many people ask, “What can I do to come into my wholeness.” Source counsels thus: “Set your intention and that is all.” When we set our intention to become whole, we seek out super-consciously all the opportunities the universe has to teach us who we are. The Universe will also teach us to let go of and eliminate beliefs about that which we are not. And, though the process cannot be rushed, the extent to which we shift, depends heavily upon our motivation for change. That is why in a twin flame / twin soul connection so much progress is made so quickly. The motivation to change and grow becomes the highest excitement for many on this path, and the soul can make tremendous leaps and bounds of progress in a very short period of time.

Rest assured, however, one not need to be in a twin flame or twin soul connection to be highly motivated to shift and change. So, if that is not one’s life path, during this period of time if one is firmly on the path to ascension, the soul begins to communicate to us what our highest passion, or life calling, is. The more authentic we become, the more difficult it is to NOT follow our passion and highest excitement. Many times, we actually become despondent if we cannot follow what our heart tells us we came to do. It will only get worse not better. So shifts to following that path must be made. This is a good example of the motivation that is needed to shift and change.

No matter what the motivation, once the intention is set to come in to wholeness and one focuses on wholeness as the highest priority, shifts can be made rather quickly.

During these times, the astrological alignments are such that they match the purpose of ascension set by Creation. The stars are continually aligning and realigning for the purpose of bringing large numbers of earth beings into their wholeness as quickly as possible. Therefore, we can easily harness the power of the Divine to move quickly towards embodying our authentic being here on the planet right now.

Assisting those on the journey into wholeness is the primary focus for many of us who came here under the veil of forgetfulness. We are here to once again “master themselves” here on the planet during this time/space. All those who came here in this role, are beginning to come into wholeness during this time/space and are acting as way showers and light houses for those who seek their higher state of being. All whose life plan includes staying on the planet, will shift into higher vibrational frequency in their adaptive physical form.

If it is our intention to move into wholeness and full consciousness, be assured that we have all the help we need from the stars, from angels, from guides, from light houses, from way showers, from our friends, from our families, from our lovers, AND from circumstances we will face. The most important part is to welcome each and every circumstance, allow it to be with us as best we can until we can release our need for it and let it go. For each circumstance is one which brings us closer into the wholeness we seek. If it is our divine desire, it will be accomplished.

And so it is!

~Written with love and light by Debbie DuBois

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