Twin Flame Phenomenon w/ Keleena Malnar

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On the twin flame/ twin soul path into wholeness, I have continually explored the twin flame phenomenon from my own perspective over the past four years. In this video interview with special guest, Keleena Malnar, together we delve deeper into this journey and uncover some intriguing information, which comes through her about twin flames. We believe this information being brought forth at this time is very important as it leads to higher levels of consciousness and heart centered love. This information is a true twist on that which has been discussed in the twin flame community but a natural evolution to truth. Conversations I have been having with others on this path indicates that that things are really beginning to changes swiftly. Most seem to be resonated with the truth of what the journey is for … Enjoy!

~Written by Debbie Saffer DuBois

UPDATE: Since this video was produced, another message came this morning to Keleena upon waking for inclusion in this video post. It came from the Elder whom she speaks of in the video. It is meant to guide all those on various stages of this journey.

“Twins”, though they may be opposite in beliefs or opinions of things and situations, will always have the magnetic attraction and root path of their work in one common goal. You must dump the various names. Refer to all on path as simply “twins”. All know from the attraction that never ends that they are twins and that they came in agreement to ACCEPT, FORGIVE and RELEASE all karma, and move forward in one common goal. Names do not matter.

“Let us explain. When you use different terms you segregate yourselves instead of coming together in unity. The twins deep down know they are twins as the magnet is always always always there. No, matter what they do. They will never ever stop thinking of one another. It is not possible, no matter how far they go or what they choose to do in life. However, they must forgive accept and release all from previous lifetimes.

It is systematic to the common goal in order to release himself or herself from the spin or cycle that is referred to as “STUCK.” It is simple, yet so many make it harder than it truly is. Remove the false information and move forward. It is time. Earth time ticks consistently. ~Namaste


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