Where Will the New Energies Take You?

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The new energies since the full solar eclipse have been distinctly different. If you tune in, in the midst of seeming chaos there is a stillness. You have to stop yourself and focus on it maybe to feel it, but it is there. A hum of creation supporting every intention, every thought, feeling and word, moving it quickly into manifestation.

We can be grateful for Saturn, which has just stationed, as it keeps things from manifesting until all pieces are in place. And the mercury retro we find ourselves in also slows everything down as well. So, we must monitor our self-talk at this time. But be assured. You have a great powerful new energy underlying all that you perceive around you and you’ve waited a long time for this!

So many of you have been working through so much stuff to get to this place and you are finally sure of what your true reality looks like in your heart’s visual eye. You’ve had a taste of contrast to show you different timelines of the same scenarios and now it’s time to choose that which you will create. It will take great persistence of vision and great resilience to stay focused on your visions while at the same time letting go for it to manifest in the manner it will.

It’s time to realize that your path is your own and no one else’s. The situations that you’ve allowed to continue for the benefit of others is now apparently showing its truth. You cannot fix another’s world, only your own.

You who make choices out of the need to save others, or help them on their journey are missing the point. They do not need your help. They need the freedom that they fear giving themselves. For they are afraid of being alone, in charge of their own destiny. This is a planetary phenomenon and the solar eclipse was designed to undo this veil. For that is all illusion. You are never alone and no one can save you for you need not be saved. Nor can you save another for that is pure folly. And you see that now clearly.

Those who you try to save continue their paths without regard to what you do or say. They continue on their path with purposeful strides and it is now time to see…IT IS THEIR PATH NOT YOURS. Do you really resonate with those around you in complete harmony? Or is the vibrational difference easily perceived. While these differences are only temporary in this moment of now, one must ask if it is supposed to be bridged in this time space.

How long have you tried to bring harmony to a vastly different set of vibrations all around you? Do you wish to continue hitting your head against a wall!? Or is it time to face truth. You are forcing yourself off your path by continuing to insist that they need saving or that they are too weak to make it on their own. Hogwash we say!

It is sometimes easier to believe it is up to you to fix or restore situations than to realize it was never intended to stay in the first place. Like spoilt children, you throw tantrums of insistence that you know best, going against your heart. But you don’t look at the evidence before you. Change is not being made because YOU did not let go. You insist that if change was supposed to be, it would just happen. What you really believe that you are the savior and that no one can make it without your focused attention. How arrogant and yet admirable that you care that much that you are willing to deprive your soul of its deepest recognition of self for another person’s benefit.

It is tragic though in this time space because the current trajectory is into one of joy for all. Can you not hear the clarion call of your soul, master of Illusion? Step out of this now and know your true Mastery. It is waiting for your simple recognition that you can create the life you want, unencumbered by servitude.

The last several months have been all about clearing old belief patterns and seeing contrast between what you truly want and what you don’t. This gives you the springboard you need to send your rockets of desire up and away into manifestation. Just be sure you clean up the last remaining unhelpful programs and beliefs which block your highest most beneficial manifestations.

These words may seem a bit harsh but truth is upon you and you would not be reading these words if they were not your truth. Or maybe they are just words to trigger your own highest knowing. The bottom line is that the energies which are now flooding your planet give flight to your most precious desires. It would be a shame to let those energies go unharnessed until another time space.

Face your truth. It is time. What did you come here to do? Are you on that path? If so let the newly emerging climate of consciousness fuel your heart’s desires to move that mission forward. Creativity abounds right now! If you are not on your highest path of soul’s passion and flying higher and higher on it, stop right now and ask yourself what or who is stopping you? Ultimately the answer is going to be you. Your beliefs or your programs.

Awaken to this now and you can quickly jump timelines because that train has started to move. You can now run alongside the train and jump on. Rather that, then wait for the next train to your joyous Higher Self-Expression.

~Written with Love by Debbie DuBois

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