The YoUniverse Takes Charge

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YoUniverse takes charge

What an incredible past several weeks on this winding journey. On this catalytic heart awakening path, one never really knows what they will encounter. This past several weeks–as predicted by many of our seers, astrologers, energy readers–has been about slowing down and being forced to take a look at things we’ve wanted to avoid. Maybe not consciously, but unconsciously. And, it was as if the YoUniverse said, “No you won’t either!” Hence, the title of this article: The YoUniverse Takes Charge!

But the YoUniverse knows what it’s doing. Of that be certain. For during this period of time, we have alot of things shaking up our worlds which will dictate where we go from here. You know, having most recently released the article Shifting Belief Systems, which began with “the highway to hell is paved with good intentions,” I didn’t understand that was foreshadowing for a lot of us, including me.

Coming off the high of the launch of my twin flame platform designed to provide “stuck twins” a place to go to get away from the noise of Facebook, I found myself very ill. Spending over six hours on Facebook live that day, the YoUniverse said to me, “Um, you don’t need to work that hard and since you don’t seem to want to slow down, you will be forced to slow down.” And then, from laryngitis to bronchitis to sinus headaches to dry hacking coughs, I was down for the count. But, hindsight being 20-20, I can say without a doubt that all things are in perfect alignment. For now, we are really in the throws of teaching ourselves the things we absolutely need to learn in order to move forward. Such is the way of the YoUniverse. And now is that time.

So, this latest shift for me personally dealt with something I have been struggling with for a while, which needed finally to be addressed. There was no getting out of it. There was no avoiding it. It had been coming for a long time. Almost a whole year. And, the YoUniverse took control of the situation and before I knew what happened, things had realigned themselves for the betterment of myself and all involved. It’s one of those things that happens TO you and you’re really not sure how it happened, but you look at it and say, OMG, did that just happen? Just like the Tower in the tarot cards! But it feels incredibly right and you feel FREE. That is what happened to me. For the Soul definitely is awakening us to the answers of how to change our reality. And that is the BE the change. And when we avoid being the change for any number of reason, the YoUniverse will make the change for you. Ultimately you will be the change you wish to see! Now if that twists your head around, give it some thought and meditate on it.

For me personally, this change involves twin flame groups. Many of you who know my work are aware that I live to help people get “unstuck” in the twin flame/catalytic heart awakening connection. It is the reason I founded one of my groups years ago–once called Heart Connections & Sacred Union–now called True Sacred Union. While certainly not the biggest, it grew organically from the original 25 people, attracting only those that were aligned with the message as I never added a single person to it. I let it build organically to its current 4,000+ members. And, in that sacred space, I have been able to share my path in my own vibration.

Over the years, however, as many others have done, I shared my information in groups that do not carry that same vibration. That is not to say there are not people into those groups in that vibration; I am speaking of the overall vibation of the room in all its myriad of factors. I know you understand. And, I did so because I wanted to be a beacon of light, always hoping to lead people towards truth (which is by the way a whole hell of lot more interesting and empowering than illusion!). But by lending my energies to those groups, I most assuredly continued to support the structure, lending credibility to it. For if someone finds Sanity in the midst of Chaos, they will continue to go into the Chaos looking for Sanity.

The results of the shift that happened to me is that circumstances created the perfect opportunity to make the shift that I just refused to make for so long and it invariably aligned me with the Highest Good of the One. I wanted to BE the change, so I left those twin flame rooms for good. I no longer desired to lend my credibility to ANY such system through my participation. There are many smaller, twin flame groups who I DO resonate with and I will continue to share my stuff in their room or welcome others sharing my work wherever they feel it will benefit others!

And, I also was shown that if someone is aligned with my experiences and needs a bit of assistance along the way, they will find me in my own groups and we will teach and learn together. I still offer readings and one-on-one sessions, however, sadly I decided to close the TSU portal. While the portal was created with love and full of great intentions, it’s an idea whose time just did not yet come. My blog website, however, is still fully available.

So in essence: I called back my energy to myself. I stopped giving away my energies into a space that was not a vibrational match with my own. And through the process of doing that, I realized how much of myself I HAD given away. By contrast, I am now spending much more time focusing attention on my 13- (soon to be 14-) year old daughter who really needs her Mom. And, I have been helping family members who are making huge transitions in their lives. I have focused more on my web design business growth and development. And, I have become much more aligned with my “team” on earth. THAT is what this path brings us. It brings us eventually back to our OWN power where we are actually better able to help others.

Essentially, the big discovery for me (and many others on this path) is that I believe I am now a twin flame graduate. Which only means, I feel I have completed my initiation on this path and it is no longer my chosen LEARNING path. That is not to say that I cannot be very instrumental in helping others who do find themselves seeking guidance. But, I personally have come full circle on this path. I am in full union and no longer need to focus on creating it. It just unfolds. And, now I am beginning a new phase of my path. Going beyond the lessons of twin flames into a broader path which contains all kinds of new experiences. These experience will allow me the opportunity to really fly with all I have learned. And, you can bet, I will share what I learn along the way!

So what does this all mean for those of you who are on this path? I believe it is a great indicator to those of you who are “bonafide twin flames” for lack of a better words. You have done alot of your work and understand you are the creators of your own reality. Therefore, if you’ve chosen to, you are moving into union within self and creating your unions in the way that they are meant to be FULLY. You have done your job by breaking old templated patterns, putting information into the Source field for others to access. You’ve provided codes to unblock familial templates and others can now access them. Bravo! You are well on your way!

To others who are here to experience Sacred Union, continue to do your work, awaken to your higher truths, and prepare yourselves for union within self. You continue to eliminate the blocks you have to love so you can experience incredible new relationships of sacred union. And, those who are not awakened yet to what sacred union truly is, you will continue to engage in the twin flame conversations which keeps you sane while eventually discovering where your soul intends you to go with all of this. And hopefully, those of you who feel stuck will reach out to me or others who have valuable insight and answers. I will be here. I will not be going anywhere. You can find me on True Sacred Union, Raising Vibrational Frequencies, and my latest full circle project, What On Earth 2018. I will be sharing things I feel inspired to share, quietly living my union, doing my work, and creating my abundant reality, rejoicing in my new level of freedom.

There are a lot of people that think that they have to “save the world.” I guess I was one of them. But when we come from that perspective, we spend our time so focused outside of ourselves. We don’t realize that the changes that need to be made are right here, right now, in our very own backyards. With the very people we interact with each and every day. Or SHOULD interact with each and every day. I realize even more now, I will save the world by saving myself. By doing my work. By connecting with my inner most being. By loving those I am in contact with on moment by moment basis. HERE. NOW. ALWAYS.

I love you all very much and look forward to sharing where this journey leads. I will still absolutely be writing articles and doing videos that I’m inspired to do. Some may deal with catalytic heart awakening. Some may be general ascension. And most certainly I will do some card readings for fun. But I’ll be doing it as part of my other paths, as I have time or feel so called. Thank you all for being part of my path!

Written with much love

~By Debbie DuBois


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2 Comments on “The YoUniverse Takes Charge”

  1. I just wanted to take a minute. I am not someone who makes comments or writes randomly to anyone. But something drew me to your page. My twin had our charts read randomly by a co worker who does not know me as we are a month from living together we have known each other 4 years and gone through all the stages, he text me earlier for my exact time of birth…. his co worker has done charts for over 20 years and later tonight when he called said she told him I was his “flame” downplaying in case we didn’t know what twin flames were….. well we did and we have known now but that experience opened my eyes even more to the possibility that there is more to this experience than just us now …… anyway I don’t know if that makes sense you probably get a lot of fan mail… something just led me to your site and of course I trust in that. Thank you so much

    1. Sarah so sorry for not seeing this comment. I always try to answer any comments that I see! Yes, that sounds like a definite what I call catalytic heart awakening connection or “twin flame” as most people call it on the planet. Got all the earmarkings. The timing is about right. Most twins found each other over the past 10 years. Not all most a lot! Thanks for writing to me…

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