What People Say…

“I had an opportunity to work with Debbie at a couple of twin flame/ascension workshops and I was truly amazed by her loving, open heart and her knowledge. She is such a pleasure to be around and she is always there for you. Her inner knowledge and being able to connect to her higher self, really helps you on this journey and she explains things that truly make sense. I was always inspired by her articles, poetry and tarot card readings as they give you clear answers and solutions what might be going on inside of you. She is always there for others and tries to help every single soul. I am truly blessed to have her assisting me on this path and it always gives me joy when I come in contact with Debbie.” Jane
“Thank you for being a highly valued & much appreciated multidimensional friend/family Debs… and that you are one of the few more real & together ones as we go along on this journey & junction of all creation… while many others have sadly lost the plot & privilege of their truth… bless them anyway and may they get unstuck from & out of 4D asap…”Tiaan
“You have been a big support on my journey by sharing yours so please Keep on doing what ur doing girl.” Fen
“I have nobody to discuss my situation with. Reading your posts feels to me that I am receiving guidance and assistance and I can take what resonates. I gain another perspective and without that this journey could be isolated and lonely so from my heart I am thankful.”Belinda
“You’re shining your light and being yourself and allowing others to be drawn to you so they can learn to shine their own light…..your posts touch people ….you’re walking your path in the Debbie way which is beautiful ….”Angela
“It takes a certain level of healing to finally believe and know that we have the answers within. It takes a long time to get to that point. Even when we have reached that point, it’s still sometimes nice to get another’s perspective, or confirmation on it. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re much appreciated.” Kim
“There have been many occasions where I’ll be feeling something or going thru something and that same day or the next day I’ll see an article from you or Marla that actually makes sense of what I was personally experiencing! I honestly don’t know what I would do without the extra assistance and guidance from you all! Keep doing what you are doing, I appreciate you! Lots of love!” Holly
“I can’t thank everyone, including you, enough for helping me to navigate the craziness of this TF journey. I give gratitude for all that you share. Much love and thanks.” Sara
“It’s wonderful for me to get confirmation about what I’m feeling, sensing and experiencing. It helps me put the pieces together so that I can see the complete picture. And knowing that I’m not the only one who is sensing something has helped me learn to trust my senses and my inner knowing. I always resonate so much with your posts and videos! Much love!” Sarah
“I have had the privilege to know Debbie DuBois for several years. I became aware of her through her writing long before we became friends. Her style has always resonated with me. She is straight forward, honest and speaks from her heart.”

“On several occasions I have worked with Debbie in identifying personal issues that were challenging me. It’s often hard to see the core of our challenges from our own perspective and that is where Debbie can help. She is skilled at tuning into her higher self and connecting with the issue and then delivering practical and grounded advice. Thank you Debbie for all you give to the Twin Flame/Soul Mate community.”

Marla Kelly

“I am very grateful for being able to experience the Sacred Heart Ascension & Twin Flame workshop along with a room full of beautiful souls. I especially loved experiencing the transformation and healing of the souls that reached out for guidance and help. Watching the transformations from fear and guilt to bravery, courage, respect, strength and self-love were amazing. The two of you were able to help each person realize all the strength, love and courage they were seeking could always be found within. Watching these souls find peace so quickly was both moving and magical. Every person in the workshop shared pure, unconditional love which created a safe, sacred space of unity that was beautiful. I am grateful that I felt okay to just be me in the workshop. I am the type of person that feels most comfortable listening, observing and learning. This time allowed me to be me without having to prove myself to anyone. I did not have to put on a facade which was refreshing. I am so grateful for the guidance and unconditional love you both offered freely. I look forward to each moment of growth and abundance in life as I continue to find my true self and my life path. Thank you for an eye-opening experience!”Leslie
“I have been looking up to so many of you for guidance on my path here. You are all so gifted in so many different ways! I am truly grateful for your presence and how generously you all share of yourselves to help others. The rest of us are following, learning and becoming better versions of our ‘perfect’ selves. Thank You for helping us get there.” Devna
“Last January I became familiar with Debbie after listening to her radio show Vibrations of Love. I had seen her online in the twinflame community and had always found her videos very interesting. After listening to a few radio shows I realized that Debbie was unique. She is very knowledgeable and offers valuable insights and strategies that are really helpful in the twin or any awakening/spiritual journey. Debbie is a great listener and is able to objectively tune in to aspects of your union or journey that you might not recognize on your own. I have worked with Debbie and each time I’ve walked away with new skills and strategies that were pivotal in moving me forward where I had been stuck. Through intelligence, intuition and experience Debbie can most certainly help with finding new perspectives and lessening the burden that many feel as twinflames.”Michele
“Beautiful Sis, I have found your posts and articles to be very inspirational and so helpful. They have helped me through some challenging times and I love your videos.” Amanda
“I love your posts and they resonate so much with me! I believe many others who are waking up now and those who will be waking up, will be looking for words of wisdom and comfort, such as the ones you speak.” Amanda
“Hi Debbie, I learnt many thoughts from you. Your support, encouragement helps many of us.”Kyle
“We all have questions from time to time and you assist by bringing clarification & understanding which is very much needed. Thank you for all the insightful & helpful videos & posts.” Sharon