Taming the Power Struggle in a Twin Flame Connection

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A question came to me from a woman in the twin flame community who wanted to know how to handle her twin ghosting her after an intense texting “war.” One of the things that may be surprising to the twin flame community—and was very surprising to me personally, particularly given that the awakening feminine has learned so much over the … Read More

Sacred Counterparts and Twin Flames – Source Transmission “See the Other Person’s Point of View”

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Interesting enough, when I asked Source this morning what would be a good article topic for sacred counterparts, I was guided to pull some tarot cards much as I do in my readings. The first card I pulled from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master tarot deck was “See the Other Person’s Point of View.” I knew right then that there is … Read More

Twinflame Shift is Happening, Come Hell or High Water!

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If this was any other period of time up until now, I would automatically be tuning into the divine masculine to bring the divine feminine information she could use on her twinflame spiritual journey as most of us have felt that where the masculine “is at” is a great reflection of where the feminine is at. But this is no … Read More

Mid February Divine Feminine Tarot Reading for TFs

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divine feminine tarot reading cards

You’re almost there DF…There’s some deep repeat or echo patterns coming up for clearing. Could it have something to do with the DM pulling his energies back for a myriad of reasons? This divine feminine tarot reading for February is incredibly uplifting I think and should be very helpful for the DF. With love, Debbie For more information about Debbie … Read More

Mid February 2018 Divine Masculine Tarot Reading for TFs

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divine masculine tarot reading cards

This Divine Masculine Tarot Reading is spot on for the DM I’ve been in contact with and the cards show up just right to confirm for many of DF that has been going on!   With love, Debbie For more information about Debbie DuBois visit: https://www.truesacredunion.com http://www.compass-marketing.com For a personal tarot reading: https://truesacredunion.com/shop/tarot-reading-twin-flames/ Find me on Facebook at: True Sacred Union … Read More

The YoUniverse Takes Charge

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YoUniverse takes charge

What an incredible past several weeks on this winding journey. On this catalytic heart awakening path, one never really knows what they will encounter. This past several weeks–as predicted by many of our seers, astrologers, energy readers–has been about slowing down and being forced to take a look at things we’ve wanted to avoid. Maybe not consciously, but unconsciously. And, … Read More

DM on the MOVE. Tarot Reading for Divine Masculine Twin Flames

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divine masculine

The cards are clear this reading for Divine Masculine Twin Flames that DM is starting to make things happen. This tarot reading gave me the opportunity to express in words what the energies have been screaming to me since the full moon at the beginning of this month… The divine masculine is finally truly aware of the desire for connection … Read More

Creating Her Twin Flame Union. Tarot Reading for Divine Feminine

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twin flame union

This reading is extremely powerful and in full support of all the energies I have been receiving from Source and through experience myself and with other divine femine. It completely confirms my own knowing as all the cards fall completely in line with the main theme: Divine Feminine creates her twin flame union. So exciting that we are moving so … Read More