WELCOME to True Sacred Union!

This website was created to assist souls people who are going through ascension and may have experienced an intense catalytic heart awakening. This includes—but is in no way limited to—twin flames, sacred partnerships, divine counterparts, etc. In reality, the label does not really matter. The overall catalytic heart awakening process and its end game is the same. All is for the purpose of ascension.

If you are living this intense experience, wish to better understand it, or need support, this website is for you. Debbie has been on her own dedicated personal ascension process since childhood and has experienced the catalytic heart awakening. And, as a wayshower, she has been helping people for the last several years move forward on this path. She answered the call to assist by using her web design skills to build and deliver an website that helps people by offering free content help you on your journey!

Resources to assist you on your path.


Publishing helpful information, as well as Live Broadcasts for questions, gain higher perspectives and guidance on situations and how to apply helpful clearing and ascension tools.

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TSU Blog

Gain clarity and learn to apply concepts transmitted through higher guidance articles, poems and posts related to the catalytic heart awakening ascension path.

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Watch vidoes that share higher perspectives and experiences, offering deeper meaning and helpful guidance. Tarot readings, Energy Reports, Question & Answers, and more!

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