When you experience a catalytic heart awakening, you feel like your heart bursts wide open. This experience sets you on a course that you will never forget. Like other paths, the catalytic heart awakening path can be quite a challenging ascension (awakening) path.

As its name implies, this experiences acts as a catalyst for huge shifts and is impacting loving relationships system wide. This experience seems to be widespread and occurring right NOW during the ascension of our planet into higher vibrational frequencies.

You will know you’ve had a catalytic heart awakening when you meet someone with whom your heart experiences an incredible opening sensation. This sensation might not happen right away but usually does at some point after actual contact.

Typically you don’t know why you are drawn to this person, however, the attraction is extremely intense and you feel an extraordinary amount of love flowing toward this person. Most often you will feel the return of it back to you, but not always. It’s not necessarily a physical attraction to the person’s looks, but it’s an attraction to the entire being. It’s as if you MUST meet them or talk with them and you have no idea why. It does not seem to make any sense at all.

There are no definite signs to this connection. Enough has been written about it to fill a library. Suffice it to say that it becomes extremely important for you to connect with this person as much as you possibly can. There is something about being with them that makes you feel more you. It’s as if you feel you are your REAL self. Like all the blocks you ever had to love are placed in a box. And, there is no fear. There is no worry of getting hurt.

It’s very freeing and you never expect the feeling to change. If you are lucky enough to really experience interaction with this person, you will feel like you are floating on a cloud. More than likely, you will likely have withdrawn your attention from other things you love to do.

Once a person has this catalytic heart awakening experience, they understand what vibrational level they are aiming for in their ascension process. They feel, if even for a short time, what it feels like to have no blocks to love. They feel unconditional love in such great volume that there is no mistaking it. They see the other person through a lens of the 5th dimensional vibration which may be their first experience of calling forth the 5th dimensional self of another. This is, in essence, how the 5th dimension and higher is created. It is the filter through which you see another. And as you see this other person from the higher perspective, they demonstrate the qualities of a higher dimensional being which is an incredible experience for both people involved.

When it happens that both people are calling forth the 5th dimension or higher vibration, an incredible understanding takes place of what sacred partnership is.

When someone experiences being in a higher vibrational state in such an intense way, there is a great awakening that occurs within. It reminds one of who they truly are. And this first experience, no matter how long it lasts, acts like a carrot on the end of the stick, drawing one forward as a motivation for shift.

The ascension process can be extremely challenging as old patterns of imperfection surface for elimination. As one begins to shift and change through this process, those who are highly motivated by the initial experience of love remember it. They often wish to recapture it and are continually reaching to re-experience that feeling again.

Therefore, the true purpose of the catalytic heart awakening is to fuel the ascension process by providing motivation. And, while most people associate that experience with another person, once you move through the process you begin to understand that you are simply trying to recreate a state of being that is already within you. It is essentially who and what you are when you have eliminated all the blocks you and your family line have built between you and love. And, it can be shared with another person once both people have done the work to eliminate blocks to love and stand in their wholeness.

This process involves a lot of pain primarily because people attach their outcomes to the other person with whom they’ve had this experience. That is quite understandable. It takes a special someone to awaken us to those amazing vibrations of reality. They tend to believe, however, that they only have the ability to experience that feeling with one person.

More often than not, they go looking for answers. Once they have found out about twin flames and looked up all the signs and symptoms, they believe they have found their explanation. And at first, it is very comforting to one or both because they believe that if that person is their twin flame, it is guaranteed and they are destined to be together. That belief holds wonderful promise for those who have searched their whole life for that type of love. Most are carrying programs deep inside telling them they are not worthy of love.

Invariably both people are born with false belief systems and programs that need to be released and let go of. The pain really begins when one of them begins to start to run the old programs. It is virtually impossible for both to stay in that comforting state because the blocks they have to love become apparent. Each must face those blocks on their own (or sometimes together) until the fear is gone.

Typically, when one person—most often the one with the most blocks to love—begins to pull away to gain some control over the situation or their feelings, the cycle begins. Abandonment issues start to surface for the other person and that can be extremely painful. The other may feel shame for creating such pain but is trying to protect their own ability to control. Both people often suffer through this part of the process.

This pain serves to let us know what emotions and corresponding programs must be released. If there was no pain, we would never know there was anything there to be shifted. There is pain because anyone feeling attachment to someone ultimately views the other person as more important than themselves. And they fear losing the person. Until the truth is realized—that the real objective in this connection is to find all the blocks we have built to love and release and let go of them—there is great pain because of all the stories we tell ourselves about why things happen the way they do. These stories always created by our ego mind to explain what we do not understand. Unfortunately, these stories only reinforce the blocks to love. And if we do not learn, we do not grow past them.

Fortunately, humans often fear change until the pain of change becomes greater than the change itself. And in this connection the pain can be excruciating. And, only when one falls to the lowest levels of the ladder do they often look up to find a better way. They start searching for ways to eliminate the pain. And guess what? The letting go process deliver the answer. So, there is great purpose in the pain because if it was not painful, we would not search for the cure!

You can stop the pain once you have become aware that something needs to change and you do not wish to experience that much discomfort. When you learn that there are ways to release the pain, you begin to discover that you have ways to move that stuck energy and it begins to give you a greater understanding of who you are and what you are capable of. When you have practiced something like ho’oponopono and see it work to shift the situations around you for the better, you start to understand that it is your belief systems that create your reality. And then the fun really begins. Because you can use tools to shift your vibrations instantly. And, as you being to realize you have control over your vibration and the resulting emotional states, you being to realize you are a creator. But in order to stop the pain, you have to take responsibility for your vibration and make the effort to shift energy. Then, and only then, you can stop the pain.

Actually, as soon as you learn a good clearing technique like ho’oponopono you can stop the pain immediately because each time you are triggered by something, you can practice that technique until the uncomfortable feelings pass and you release them. And when you learn to be responsible for your emotions and use tools to help you release the blocks or beliefs that cause them, you can essentially live pain free, except when triggered. And the pain becomes less and less. And the time it takes to recover from triggers lessons with practice and experience.

Another way to stop the pain is to focus your attention elsewhere. Focusing on things that really absorb your focus in something that you enjoy doing can do wonders to shift your vibration. Whether this is nature walks, good music, or exercise, doing something you love can help you move out of unhelpful states of vibration into more helpful ones.

Yes, but not in the same ways. This catalytic heart awakening we are addressing her deals with the breaking of the old relationship templates and deal heavily with relationships between people who are lovers or wish to be. There are all kinds of ways people can have catalytic heart awakenings. In order to move into higher vibrational frequencies, one must open their heart and remove unhelpful programs which keep them in smallness and keep them from knowing Who They Are, which is part of the ONE, part of All That Is. So, yes, in order to ascend one must experience this but not necessarily in this way.

Our world was templated for an old economical relationship model. From the moment we are born, we are shown that we are destined to partner with someone who will be a good match for us for economic partnership reasons. It is only in the past 100 years that people insisted on “marrying for love.”

So, most people on our planet partnered up and created families based on these old templated programs. It’s just how it’s been done. Well what happens when a new shift in consciousness take place? People begin to meet other with whom they have this catalytic heart awakening with which blows away their traditional marriage. What happens then? Well, all kinds of shit hits the fan because people have very programmed ideas of what is acceptable and what is no when it comes to the rules of earth. Women begin to realize that she married for security and stability and still needs it because of the structure of our world today. Traditional men are challenged by their “infidelity” to the structure of marriage they swore they would uphold and cling with every fighting last breath the make it work. Afterall, their manhood relies on it. The programs are THAT strong.

But we could ask ourselves this, if it was meant for us to just transition within existing relationship, why is it not happening that way? Why are men not waking up to their spouse and creating these new patterns of perfection with their current partners? And, why are women not waking up and breaking old patterns within their marriages or partnership and living happily ever after? Well THAT is a good question. Is it possible that each chose partners that would work under one template but NOT work under the other? I’m sure there are exceptions to that rule. And, I would hope that there is healing that can take place with partners who are truly heart connected. But maybe, just maybe it’s part of the process and all partners involved knew it at some level when they came in. I’m not sure, but it is WIDESPREAD. So.

It can if it encompasses such an importance to you that it acts as a catalyst for you to break old karmic patterns and drop old unhelpful belief systems. This might not mean that this person is going to be the partner you end up in sacred partnership with down the line, but it’s all about motivation to get where you are going on the ascension path.

One could argue yes, but if taken into account that this is happening at a time when ascension or awakening to the authentic self that we are embodied here on the planet, it seems unlikely that this phenomenon is that widespread. Historically, infidelity was an acceptable part of life. It was not uncommon for a king to have his mistresses and it was accepted as normal. That, however, has changed here on the planet in the common households. So, if that was still the case, then maybe yes this connection could be used to excuse infidelity.

What is interesting is that when asked in Facebook groups, what is the biggest challenging you face in your catalytic heart connection, the response from both men and women is “the partner is—or they are—married (or both) OR in a relationship with someone else.” Now why is that? Could there be THAT many people who are unhappy in relationships? Quite possibly. But more likely, relationship templates are breaking down. Old relationship structures are built on co-dependence. They require it as part of their definition. The new awakening to one’s true self shows someone that they do not need anyone outside of themselves to be complete. That is diametrically opposed to the teachings of traditional relationship models. Therefore, it makes sense that relationships founded on those old models are breaking down. People are finding their own love within themselves and finding the desire to share them with another who is also able to love without barriers.

At some level you decided before you came that you were going to awaken to who you are by experiencing a catalytic heart awakening with someone that was going to make it impossible for you to remain asleep and entrenched in old familial programming. You volunteered to be here during this great time of shift and signed up for the experience. There is nothing that happens by chance. All of it is perfectly planned by the soul and is in its perfect unfoldment. So, if this is happening to you, you planned it that way.

In some form or fashion, this person represents everything you need to face within yourself. The allure is such by design so that you must face yourself in the mirror. Whether that person is in your daily life, or only a memory that haunts you, this person represents all the things that hold patterns of imperfection in you. They are the perfect reflection of all the things you need to trigger you into realizing the things that are blocking you. The thought patterns, the belief systems, the unacknowledged parts of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. So, this person is not just another random person. They are someone specific sent to you to reflect back to you all the things you need to work on. And it comes with this amazing heart connection that you’d rather not have most of the times because you can feel like a prisoner. But, it was prearranged by both prior to coming. It is part of the process. And there is nothing more satisfying when you come into your own power and start living from your moment of NOW. So, the only thing to do…do your work so that you can get there as soon as possible. There are many rewards that come with that accomplishment!

Projecting in general is when you see something outside of yourself that you can point to in order to explain away a feeling you are having inside. So, let’s say you feel fat but don’t know it or can’t admit it to yourself. Your catalytic heart connection comes along and tells you that you are fat. You would typically blame that person for telling you that you are fat, but truly they are reflecting to you your very own beliefs that you will not acknowledge. Such is the way of projection in the catalytic heart connection. Each trigger is calling to make you aware of something you are already sensitive to, but the other person seems to blame. Like a bruise that is bumped into. It was there already, but the bump made it apparent. Thank the other person for showing you what you are sensitive to. It is ALWAYS projection. And it is their job. To show you what you are needing to clear. The sooner you see it and do it, the sooner you will come into your own wholeness.

Projection is often what is referred to as the mirror. This is when someone is mirroring to you all things about yourself that you would prefer not to acknowledge. But, a lot of people get confused. They think mirroring is both people possessing the same characteristics. And, that is often the case that the two people are so much alike you’d think they WERE twins. However, mirroring is something really different than that. Mirroring is holding up a mirror to you about something that needs to be addressed. It is actually originating within YOU, but they are holding up a mirror and telling you to look in it.

So, let’s say your catalytic heart connection has narcissistic tendencies. Does this mean that you have those tendencies because they mirror you? Not necessarily. You may possibly have judgments AROUND narcissism that you make about narcissism because of your own experiences which are not helpful. Maybe you reject narcissism entirely and think that it is a horrible trait to have. Well you may need to learn compassion around the circumstances that creates narcissism. Or maybe you have given yourself away mercilessly which is not good for you and you are learning to bring that characteristic into balance. The mirror is something that enable you to work on those elements of your physical being which are not helpful. What a gift if you think about it!

You can’t go looking for it. Either your soul determined you would have this type of ascension awakening or it didn’t. So if you are highly motivated by love and romance, you will probably continue to look for it anyway. It seems to be the way of it. That is no problem at all. But, if you can learn right now that the way to find true sacred union with another is to first find it within yourself, you can short cut a whole bunch of heart ache and longing and being stuck. You can start working on that within yourself right now through the catalyst of NOT having a catalytic heart connection. Why not aim to become whole so that you don’t feel this empty lacking in your life and increase your changes that you can find another person who you can share the beautiful being you already are with? It’s what the YoUniverse is calling you to do. Awaken to who you are within the individuated piece of Source, or God, that you are! Why not start not…No catalyst necessary!

Again, when we feel this catalytic heart connection, often times it feels as if they are the only person on the planet that we can feel this way about. It is a rare connection and one of such intensity is not easily found. Particularly if it completely two-way and reciprocal. There can be such a closeness between the two people that it does not seem right to be with another person physically. If you feel that way, it is perfectly understandable that you are not called to another person. But, what if you are feeling attraction to another person. Should you feel guilty for that connection? I guess I would say that is something that you need to determine for yourself based on your belief systems. We are schooled here that love is monogamous. And most women want monogamy. If truth be known, most men want monogamy as well. It sure is simpler, no? However, things are not always so cut and dry.

So, you must trust your own heart and knowing on this one. Sometimes other people are required to really move your ascension process along. If your Soul has sent you another person with whom you feel sexual attraction or even close friendship, it is for a reason. There is something to be learned or gained from it. So, to stand in your own way is to uphold a belief structure that is not playing out the right way. Or else you would not be attracted to another person, right?

The decision to tell one’s catalytic heart connection about this concept is really one that you must make on an individual basis. It depends upon how close you are with the person and how much your connection is based on exploration of the connection together as one. Most people ask this question, however, as a way to move a connection along. Almost as in “If I tell this person about the connection, it will explain everything to them and then they will want to BE with me.” This is not a good motivation to tell someone. A belief structure is not necessary for the connection to do its magic in helping people shift in their ascension awakening process.

But conversely, if you have your own belief systems and feel the need to hide them from the person out of fear, be assured that in these new energies they will find out you are secretly keeping this information from them. Unfortunately, we usually create what we would defend against by our actions.

In more cases than not, they are just not prepared for a connection at this time. It might be difficult for them to resist and it is easier just to block it in all its forms so they do not have to be reminded it is there. Most people think it is because they really don’t want to see you. Well that may be true but not for the reasons the ego will tell you. The ego loves to create all kinds of stories to explain what it cannot easily understand. And the stories created around being blocked are usually centered around low self-esteem.

Fear of abandonment is one of the things that is triggered in these situations. So the ego will tell all kinds of stories to justify why the blocking has taken place to either make itself feel better or inflict great pain on you. Best course of action. Tell the ego to shut up and realize the most likely explanation is that they just are not ready to deal with the connection. It doesn’t make it easier, but if there is a genuine two-way connection, more than likely it is the truth.