Delve deeper on your catalytic heart awakening ascension path. Connect with others who are focused on the path to becoming all that they are on a higher level. This platform was created to support your ascension process through teach and learn, learn and teach experience with other like vibration people. 

  • Weekly Tarot Readings
  • Members-Only Videos
  • Meditations
  • Support Forum
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Members-Only Conference Calls
  • Group Session Discounts
  • And much, much more!
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About the Portal's Support Forum

Search the Support Forum to find similar situations to yours, or seek answers to similar questions you might have. If you find a topic thread which addresses your issue, participate in that thread. If not, post a new topic. We will monitor the boards to ensure at least an acknowledgement of the situation is made and answer as experience dictates. 

  • Get help during challenging times
  • Discussion with like-vibration members
  • Access helpful information on a host of topics
  • Find people with similar situations
  • Receive real-world advice & support when you need it

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About the Portal's Social Networking

We offer a Private Facebook Group for our Basic Membership Level and up, enabling members to interact as a close knit group. And, on our own Support Forum, we provide members with a speedy Onsite Chat Feature much like Messenger. Or, leave personal message for other members on our website. 

  • Access weekly tarot readings
  • Interact with others on similar vibration
  • Safe, more private environment
  • Focus on the ascension path here
  • Post and share insights freely
  • A place to share your creative expression

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About the Portal's FB Live & Other Broadcasts

We offer all kinds of members-only FB Live Broadcasts within TSU's Private Portal Group. We may also hold other interactive broadcasts like Free Conference Calls or Zoom Broadcasts. These live broadcasts will include important downloaded information, member interaction with Q & A, group meditations, live tarot readings, interviews with other teachers and wayshowers, and more!

  • Energy boosts and encouragement!
  • Rallying troops when necessary
  • Good relevant new information
  • Ask questions and get insightful answer
  • Receive guidance to pressing issues
  • Call remains within group, more private
  • Impact others with your questions