Higher Self Speaks on the Runner/Chaser Dynamic

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Below is a post I brought through this evening from Source quite by surprise! First, I must admit that I have no personal experience of the Runner/Chaser dynamic. But I have mentored many people lately who are going through severe experiences of Runner/Chaser dynamics. They are deeply involved in a specific twin flame template that was shown clearly to me tonight by Source. This information addresses this particular twin flame template. I was shown that this is NOT a required part of every twin flame template…It is the path that many must travel where one person is needing a solid awakening and the other is pretty much asleep.

While this information is not new to some people, it practically wrote itself so someone must need these words expressed in just this way. I hope someone finds it helpful and useful!!

It’s important to understand that in the runner/chaser dynamic of the extreme measure, it is the meeting of the twins that sparks the complete process of the return journey home for BOTH to rediscover the love of Self, either together or apart it is no matter. This process is what leads the way towards the destination of union in the “world of form.” When twins meet (or even when near twin vibrations meet), the catalytic explosion of knowledge that comes to each is incredible whether or not they understand it. Each remembers their divine selves and sees that divinity in each other, both getting incredibly close and comfortable very quickly.

No matter how long this lasts, it is something that both experience as a quickening; both feel something they have never felt before in any other relationship. And, BOTH people are changed forever. We call the one who realizes this is something they WANT to experience, the chaser. We call the one who is afraid to experience it, the runner. Actually there is a bit of each in both. However, the person who WANTS to experience this level of love starts to expand immediately, shifting and changing and feeling his/her heart “crack” wide open. The search for answers begins for this person as they may never have trusted themselves to be this open before with another person. They want to understand it. The heart opening experience is the beginning of the journey for the “chaser” or more awakened one.

Once discovering the existence of twin flames, that more awakened one will often begin to shift themselves to become more aligned with their higher selves because of the trauma they experience from the “loss” of the one they love so much. If they follow the breadcrumbs left behind by the twin flames who are in union, they discover that the only way back to their twin is to come into full wholeness within themselves, balancing their feminine and masculine energies. They also begin to understand it is the only chance they have and they let their twin go emotionally. By doing that, they will automatically begin assisting their twin flame because as one shifts, so does the other. They are, after all, one Being. And that is great motivation to continue the path they are on, even if in great pain.

The “runner” or less ready (“still sleeping”) one, also starts experiencing the shifting and changing but usually does not understand what is happening to them. If they are not ready to experience that type of connection, or feel they cannot “commit” to that feeling, they find a way “out.” But the catalytic experience is what the initial meeting was all about. They will most likely find themselves trying to prove that that connection can be found anywhere, or the opposite, they reject it completely and return to their safe ways of relating. Their future experiences will awaken them further and deep in the back of their mind (and sometimes in the front of their mind) they will remember the one who opened their heart. And, with their shifting and changing, they begin to be drawn back to their twin.

As the process takes place for both on their own separate journeys, the more awakened twin will usually arrive at a place where they are at peace and filled with unconditional love once again for the twin. Only then can they be patient and explore their lives fully in their highest expression of self. They will then magnetize to them that sacred partnership that they experienced with twin. For the soul signatures of twins are identical and the magnet pull of balanced and aligned twins undeniable. It cannot help but draw the two back together again for, eventually, it is destiny that the two shall meet “in time and space,” and matching vibrations will reunite. Then, and only then, can they find their way back to each other in perfect demonstration of the love that can be experienced in the world of form.

~~From Higher Self

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  1. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing Debbie. Quite enlightening material.. I have to admit. Very useful indeed for someone who is experiencing this quite challenging Runner – Chaser dynamic. Blessings.. 🙂

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