Ode to the Catalytic Heart Awakening

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In this moment of NOW

I attune my Heart to Gratitude

Thankful for all this Path has shown me

For the glimpse of higher dimension existence

Along with potentials for all encompassing LOVE

That glimpse gave me something to aim for

In my awakening and ascension process

Providing the avid motivation

To stay the course

To remain on target

Encouraging me to do the work

Of letting go of as many unhelpful programs as possible

Releasing a lot of pain and smallness

Teaching me to love myself more and MORE

Opening my heart to love MORE

The need for others lessening

Away from co-dependency

Toward ecstatic wholeness

And, although I continue to face

Triggers that guide my path of self-forgiveness

I can fill my Heart with LOVE for the Beloved

And ALL those who co-create my Reality

I can appreciate all this Path shows me

And be so very Thankful

That it is leading me HOME

To ME and YOU and WE

For we are ONE BEING

With Love




Written with Love and Light, by Debbie Saffer DuBois
© Copyright 2017

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