As I Ascend, Do I Lose My Friends?

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If there’s anything I’ve learned during my sojourn here on planet earth is that while I believe we are all ONE Being, there exists at this time and space so many things that keep us feeling separate from our brothers and sisters here. And, though I am so fortunate to be connected in so many ways with people from all … Read More

“I’m Not Supposed to Be Angry”

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Interestingly enough, sometimes our greatest “ah-ha moments” happen when you least expect it. Years ago, my daughter who was 18 at the time came in. She was dealing with a relationship problem where her date cancelled on her and she was so mad that he didn’t give her more notice. She was actually on her way to meet him when … Read More

May 19-25 Scorpio Full Moon Energy & TF Sacred Partner Reading

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The powerful Scorpio Full Moon as been creating some incredible transformational shifts in the catalytic heart awakening path. We talk about where we were last week and what it means to this coming week. The cards are incredible this week! Whether you are interesting in a love reading for twin flames, twin souls, soul mates, karmic partners, sacred relationships, we … Read More

Weekly Love & Energy Reading for May 5-11

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Join me for my weekly love & energy reading for May 5-11 as we take a look at the upcoming week. We get an overall general energy reading, as well as insight into our sacred partner connection for that period of time. Whether you are interesting in a love reading for twin flames, twin souls, soul mates, karmic partners, sacred … Read More

Our Return to Sovereignty – The Grace of the Shift

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If we honor ourselves and others, things are flowing fairly smoothly, even as the Universe will continue present opportunities to test and re-test the progress. The onion layers continue to be peeled away, only now, when it happens, it is easier to recognize and move through it. When we are able to see things from a higher perspective, it just doesn’t have the same effect on us as it used to.

Taming the Power Struggle in a Twin Flame Connection

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A question came to me from a woman in the twin flame community who wanted to know how to handle her twin ghosting her after an intense texting “war.” One of the things that may be surprising to the twin flame community—and was very surprising to me personally, particularly given that the awakening feminine has learned so much over the … Read More

Sacred Counterparts and Twin Flames – Source Transmission “See the Other Person’s Point of View”

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Interesting enough, when I asked Source this morning what would be a good article topic for sacred counterparts, I was guided to pull some tarot cards much as I do in my readings. The first card I pulled from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master tarot deck was “See the Other Person’s Point of View.” I knew right then that there is … Read More

Twinflame Shift is Happening, Come Hell or High Water!

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If this was any other period of time up until now, I would automatically be tuning into the divine masculine to bring the divine feminine information she could use on her twinflame spiritual journey as most of us have felt that where the masculine “is at” is a great reflection of where the feminine is at. But this is no … Read More