Higher Consciousness: Crossing the Threshold into Wholeness

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When you cross the threshold
Into Higher Consciousness,
You understand Truth
Like never before.

You still feel emotions
But you do not act from them.

There is an element of control
Which enables you to manifest
The reality you wish to create
From a higher space of understanding.

You stand in the power of your knowledge
And you need not waver
For you stand securely in your truth.

You can no longer lie or
Tell stories that are not true
Or run from how you really feel.
But you no longer become the feeling.

There is no more I Am “this emotion.”
There is I FEEL this emotion
And you are able to easily express it
Then like a vehicle you drive.

And, you exit when you have arrived
At your destination,
Destination being your awareness
Of what the experience brings you.

Do you align with that experience?
Is this something you need to examine?
Is it something that needs attention?
Or is it something that is just not true for you?

Once you figure that out,
Emotion is no longer necessary,
You can let it go and be at peace.

When you stand in the truth
Of your incredible knowing,
You know yourself
As the creator you are.

And you can embrace Who You Are.
Be Who You Are.
Love Who You Are.
Honor Who You Are.

You are part of All That Is,
Part of All that Was,
And Part of All That Will Ever Be ❤

Written in love and Light by Debbie Saffer DuBois
Raising Vibrational Frequences

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