Keeping it Loose

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When I created my most recent video, Venus Retro on 8-31-15, about “un-attaching”, a good friend of mine from the Netherlands messaged me. He told me he enjoyed the video and it got him thinking that there is a Dutch word he likes to use rather than any form of attach. The terms he prefers is “los houden,” which means to “keep it loose.” So, you basically can observe and control your distance in heart connection. It involves being in contact with what you experience, but not identifying with it too much.

So I thought that “keep it loose” is a great way to describe what I’ve learned about the nature of true heart connection when both people are in their own personal power and masculine/feminine balance. His way of describing it was that it’s sort of like putting on your shoes without tying them up. So if you want to connect, instead of attaching you keep it loose. That means you will never have to un-attach. Keeping it loose allows you to play with distances in which you have conscious control over the amount of flow which evolves out of any connection. I thought that was very interesting because that is the type of friendship we have. We have a free flowing friendship which never feels locked or defined. But we honor each other here on the planet.

If we could all get into that vibe with our heart and soul connections, what a much more wonderful experience we would all have as we would stay in the moment of NOW. Those soul connections that are really strong because you are the same vibration will continue to gravitate together so long as vibration remains the same. I see this as allowing for the most amount of natural expansion between heart connected people. That is what we all are…energy in expansion. I think I will aim to keep it loose. Thanks J.

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