Moving Away from Labels like Twin Flames

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REPOST FROM FACEBOOK GROUP: I do still use the term twin flames so that people who are investigating it will find my writings, which are published to provide assistance on this challenging path … It’s not that I don’t believe twins exist. But that the ascension process is at the heart of this catalytic experience. And it IS available to all who called for the experience in their blueprint. It is NOT just for Twin Flames.<3

I made the decision to change the name of my Facebook group to Heart Connections and Sacred Unions awhile back in honor of my Innermost Heart’s calling to move away from labels associated with twin flames, twin souls, false twins, etc. It does not mean that I disavow my interest in the extreme connections that can be felt between people nor the “re-awakening experience” that seems to take place from same. I do believe that there are those that have come to raise the vibration of the planet during this particular period in the arc of time. Therefore, it is entirely possible there exists a construct within this dimension which allowed for a one soul being to inhabit two different bodies for the experience of balance during this vibrational shift–this one soul in two bodies I will refer to as a twin soul instead of twin flames because Source has confirmed this is how it is referred to. ONE TWIN SOUL. I have, however, searched my heart repeatedly for what resonates with me. And what I can say is that I’ve become extremely concerned by the level of obsessive frenzy that has been surrounding this topic in recent months. Therefore, I would like to offer this group a heart-centered and balanced environment which is more focused on helping people coming into sacred union/balance, first through self love and then extension into sacred unions.

It seems to me that a growing number of people are being ever drawn to the “twin flame/soul mate” web of information due to a catalytic heart connection they experience, oftentimes “lose,” and then cannot forget nor let go of it because it was so heart expanding. This experience seems to spark a “re-awakening process”–one of self-discovery—that if allowed to unfold can actually help to uncover blocks one builds against true heart connection. Once these blocks are discovered and let go of, one begins to discover true Authentic Self or the True Being one is, in all its multidimensional splendor. This leads to more and more experiences of the NOW and incredible growing levels of self love and self worth. But what I do see, is this process being hijacked by endless reams of articles and theories and perspectives on twin flames that actually knock people off course. I guess I’m saying I have become aware of that and I know that my purpose has always been to show people the way to their Authentic Being in a direct path. On this direct path, love can be experienced in truly grande heart connection which compares with that of a catalytic “twin flame” heart opening experience, putting aside all labels of those connections.

I will say I definitely see a shift taking place in people’s level of consciousness which calls them to open their hearts and expand their connections in loving relationships. What use to suffice for marital relationships or programmed and patterned constructs of co-dependent existence is no longer satisfying for a truly awakening being. They instinctively know that there is MORE to experience and yearn for it. What might be not understood is that when one has a catalytic heart opening experience, it is designed to show you what is possible. That is because there is a shift underway, away from old constructs of “conditional relationships” into new sacred unions of heart connection. And, the difference between the two is astounding! It is no wonder that as we meet someone who triggers this incredible heart expansion within, that we would go seeking information as to why this is happening. I think that is only natural.

What is happening, however, is that as people discover the concept of “twin flames” and read the volumes of articles and information available, they are becoming more and more ensnared into another whole template system which seeks to entrap instead of free them. In fact, this thought system often times keeps one from experiencing the heart connection they discovered in the first place because they continue to focus on the past instead of the present moment. It is only in the moment of NOW that true sacred heart connection of any kind can be experienced. We tend to relive the past catalytic connection over and over, focusing on the past with such determination that we do not let what is in the moment of NOW unfold. And we tell ourselves all kinds of stories to explain what we see, when in fact, we are only living old stories again and again. Nor are we open to new possibilities for connection which may be awaiting us. We truly lived in a haunted house, populated with a ghost of memories gone by. Therefore, we cannot possibly be centered in the moment of NOW where all heart connection just IS.

So I welcome your thoughts and feelings about what I have written. And I truly honor all belief systems here as we all have them and as most of us know they constantly shift and change and evolve. I am simply being guided to learn to drop as many of these belief systems and labels as I can in hopes to continue to reveal to me as much knowledge as possible of my multidimensional Self. I love you and honor each of you and your own unique paths. I hope that this room continues to be of value to you. I shall spend more time here as I feel drawn to write more and discuss interesting topics. I may even begin doing a few videos. I will be spending less time in other twin flame rooms as I honor my own path. Thank you all for being part of my Journey. Namaste.

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3 Comments on “Moving Away from Labels like Twin Flames”

  1. This is a fantastic article and much needed awareness for the twin flame movement. I absolutely agree with what you are saying and I can identify very deeply!

    I see for myself how I wanted to relive the heart expanding experience and because of all the information out there got the idea in my head that I had to stay connected to this being no matter how painfully I was treated.

    I have fortunately grown in self love and I was able to disconnect from the “twin flame” . But the experience has given me awakening to ascension. And has indeed been a beautiful inspiration to bigger, deeper heart expansion and connections.

  2. Hi, Debbie!

    Nice topic n nice article!

    Even when one already reached its own Authenticity; continuous and complete Love toward oneself—it does not always nor frequently bring to the essence of sacred heart and.or soul connection!

    —Amy LifeStar

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