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As we go through this still open portal of the Lionsgate, this moment of NOW is the inbreath proceeding a very large outbreath that will change everything. You could say, “our return to sovereignty”. It may feel that things are now at a stand still, but that could not be further from the truth. As we sit and tune into our moment of NOW, an infinitesimal number of events are occurring simultaneously, gearing up for planetary shifts of epoch proportions. All these are happening behind the scenes, lining up for the Greater Good.

As these events begin to reveal themselves, it may seem as there is no order to the chaos, but we are asked to trust the Higher Plan. We are asked to see not with our eyes, but to feel with our hearts. And to know within our Souls that change is indeed making itself known to us.

These patterns of imperfection that are being shaken off at this time is the slavery mentality. It is happening at the global level where we will begin to see Sovereignty being returned to the people. At a microlevel, we can see it as each of us shaking off that which holds us in patterns that we know are counterproductive to our Beings.

In ways, it feels like everything has stopped. Like things are in limbo. But at the same time, we can feel the pressure of the things that are about to happen nudging us forward in our awareness. It’s like all the things that we have wanted for this lifetime are sitting in a vortex of energy, swirling, and gaining momentum. We know that it is just a matter of time before they spring forth with great velocity. But for now, we feel a bit immobile. This does, however, feel like a different kind of “stuck.” For before this moment of NOW, we felt a desperation in the back of our minds, wondering if we would ever see forward movement again. But NOW, we KNOW that the moment is coming quickly. And yet, here we sit!

So, what is at play here? The energies that have been controlling the planet for eons of time have lost control. Or, are they perhaps hanging on with all their might, unable to just let go out of fear of surrendering to something far greater in magnificence. Regardless, with that comes the ability to break free from the ground hog day that many of us have been experiencing. Those that have been experiencing this are being pressed to declare their freedom from the matrix of control. This is playing itself out in the service to others model that many find themselves programmed into. When we serve others without caring for our own needs, our energies are completely out of balance as the shifts occur. However, we have to understand. The whole structure is changing.

At one time there was a good balance between service to self and service to others. We witnessed that in everything from politics to business to relationships. This goes back to when things began to get out of balance in Atlantis. And this is what we again find ourselves faced with. However, be assured that we have already changed the destruction timelines. We are merely allowing the film to play out that has decidedly already been produced in favor of our Sovereignty.

What is not so apparent, is that it our own beliefs that we should selflessly serve others that has kept us in this state of slavery. In other words, the programming of selfless service has come from the energy that had controlled the planet for millennia. It is the energies that we term “patriarchal”. And through religion and politics we have learned that as a “child of God” we are here to serve. Those who have fully resisted this programming, tend to rebel and focus their own needs, setting aside the needs of others, almost in retaliation of the programming in their DNA. And so, these two polarities must be brought into balance.

For wisdom has always said that in a world of polarity, any strength when overused becomes a weakness. And it is during these times that mankind and womankind are learning that they must balance those two elements: Service to Self and Service to Others. That one is not more important than another. We might say Honoring Self and Honoring Others more accurately reflects the new patterns of perfection that are coming forth during the ascension shifts. And at the same time, we must learn to balance the expansiveness of the Feminine energy with the materiality of the Masculine energies.

In ways that we find ourselves out of balance in either Honoring of Self and Others, or our Feminine and Masculine energies, the Universe and Source have been calling our attention to it. And the more we have resisted coming into balance the harder the lessons have become. To the degree we resist, these circumstances will persist and delay our return to sovereignty.

If we honor ourselves and others, things are flowing fairly smoothly, even as the Universe will continue present opportunities to test and re-test the progress. The onion layers continue to be peeled away, only now, when it happens, it is easier to recognize and move through it. When we are able to see things from a higher perspective, it just doesn’t have the same effect on us as it used to.

Those, however, who are holding out and continuing to serve others in lieu of self, or serve self in lieu of others, are finding it more and more challenging. In order to move forward and know freedom, it is necessary circumvent that old programming. It is false program that if we don’t serve the others ahead of ourselves that no one will care and things will not get done. Likewise, it is a false program that others are here to serve our needs.

While by our nature we ARE caring and spiritual beings, it is not our responsibility to put others above or below our own needs. Those who have been taking care of others continually without limit are realizing this pattern is no longer sustainable. Those who expect others to care for them are getting surprises as people around them are rebelling and putting up boundaries. But in order to move forward out of the patterns, it is crucial to understand that WE are holding that pattern of belief. And the only way out is by realizing it and shifting how we respond. At first it may be difficult to act in a new way, but with consciousness, we will begin to easily act in new ways, even when we feel slight echoes of old patterns.

The Universe and Source continues to send us light codes that shift us from within to help us return to sovereignty. Therefore, the experiences we have that are out of alignment with our essential authentic core being are becoming more intolerable by nature. If things are undesirable, we will more naturally change the situations ourselves with ease because it will no longer resonate to remain in the same circumstances. The programs which have kept us there are being dissolved and it will no longer make sense to our logical mind to remain out of alignment with that core.

At the global level the dark entity beings work desperately to claw onto their formerly entrenched positions of power and many are already gone. This symbolic group is fundamentally service to self and, thus is currently being dismantled much in the same way as our patterns are. The Higher Plan is a slow—albeit speedy in reality—chess game being played right now wherein the Darkness cannot continue this program and the reality shifts slowly enough so that one might not even realize it is happening. This combined with the continual transition of our DNA coding which dissolves the resistance to the change.

People at a global level have heard within the call to awaken. Now through their own intent for change are they readily able to gracefully accept the DNA upgrades they are getting. For we must agree at some level even if it is only a tiny “mustard seed” of agreement for these changes to take place in us. You could say that the very act of being incarnate at this time is “mustard seed agreement” enough. But the more completely a being surrenders into the changes, the easier it is for experience.

Consequently, co-created power structures on this planet are being dissolved in much the same way our negative energetic patterns are being dissolved. These are melting away easily as we all shift on the planet. As our planet shifts, where we go one, we go all. For we are ONE.

And, so it is.

Written with love,

by Debbie DuBois

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