An Amazing Ho’oponopono Meditation

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ho'oponopono meditation

I wanted to share this ho’oponopono meditation with you! Ho’oponopono was such an important tool to me on this path from the very beginning—I don’t think I could have moved beyond the pain of this journey without it. Therefore, I always share it with others. This journey has been extremely intense for me. Still is in many ways because there are still deep patterns of imperfection that I hold even though I’ve come so far on this path into wholeness. In fact, it was pointed out to me just this week by someone that means a lot to me that I still have a lot of triggers. It was hard to hear and triggered me something fierce! And, guess what. He was right. I do. We all do. There are generations upon generations of belief systems that we all have that affect everything we do. Everything we say. All the things we perceive. And they ALL create the reality we experience.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me personally. We have been experiencing all kinds of technology issues with my web design business and even the platform I’ve been building for the community was “stalled” (by my own judgement) because of DoS attacks on our server, which have affected our server speed. At one point, we were monitoring our server night and day! Talk about stress…It was affecting everything I did. And, in that experience, I had built up a lot of stress energy, which I was subconsciously holding. Then, of course, I was projecting it elsewhere as proof that it was not mine. So that created more not-so-helpful reality.

This type of thing happens. It happens all the time. To everyone. No one is exempt right now. This is LIFE. And, truth be told, we are NOT on the other side of ascension (awakening). We are in the middle of it, which is all about undoing the old belief systems and patterns of imperfection. We are going through it NOW and we are very, very brave! Those of us that signed up for this journey should be very proud of ourselves. This is not easy. I have been communicating with so many people who are struggling right now. They are weary. And they are physically TIRED. And many of us are sleeping long periods. Or not sleeping at all.

Well, as things would have it, and the way this wonderful process works, one of the followers of my True Sacred Union page on Facebook, Kimberley Ann, posted this amazing ho’oponopono meditation video by Jason Stephenson. And, as time actually allowed me to sit and listen to it, I became calm and released a lot of stress and old patterns. As I listened to the meditation, I felt the video was created just for me. And I’m certain it was. Although I know that it will be helpful for each and every one of you as well!

The funny thing is, I did not realize that I needed the ho’oponopono prayer more than anyone as I was sharing it yesterday. I needed it from the bottom and depth of my soul. To come to peace. To remember that I was creating my reality. That All the struggle and anger and frustration was coming from my own thought patterns. And as this process would have it, it showed up for me just when I needed it. That is the beauty of this process. You WILL move forward because you have all kinds of help bringing you just what you need when you need it. So, you can relax!

That is very humbling to realize. And it is scary if you think about it. YOU are completely responsible for your reality. I write about it. I say it. I know it at some level. But truth is, sometimes it’s quite scary to really accept. For when we do, we realize that there is nothing that exists outside of our belief system that we do not create. Which means we must accept FULL responsibility in all ways EVERY DAY in every situation in EVERY way and there is no one to blame but ourselves. EVER. What do you think about that?

Oh, the ego mind will come up with all kinds of wonderful stories about how so and so did such and such to make us feel that way. NO. You feel that way because you feel that way and no one can make you feel anything at all. THAT is reality and it is a HARSH reality. Because to accept it, is to stop blaming other people and start getting down to the business of asking ourselves, “What must I believe about myself to be feeling this way? WHAT am I really believing?” It is only when we ask ourselves this very hard question that we can get to the bottom line and see it’s falsehood. When a belief is not helpful, it needs to be dropped or we create from it. Make sense? And, this my friends, is what “doing the work” really means.

This ho’oponopono meditation actually outlined so many of the things that I was still holding inside of myself. I know that I have cleared many, many old programmed thought patterns. But it was important for me to see that I still have work to do. We all have work to do. Unless you are 100% in your center all the time with no negative feelings or experiences, you have work to do too.

And now is a great time to become even more aware of it. Some of us are about to have a Thanksgiving feast. Perhaps we might all spare a thought of gratitude for all our beliefs. Those that support us, and those that we find unhelpful. Then trying letting them all go, one-by-one, whether you judge them to be good and or bad, helpful or unhelpful. In that moment, you will find an increase in Self, an increase in influence, and an increase in abundance of all that you wish for and deserve! In that moment, you will find the NOW!

I hope you will enjoy this ho’oponopono meditation video as much as I did.

~Written with Love by Debbie DuBois.

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