As I Ascend, Do I Lose My Friends?

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If there’s anything I’ve learned during my sojourn here on planet earth is that while I believe we are all ONE Being, there exists at this time and space so many things that keep us feeling separate from our brothers and sisters here. And, though I am so fortunate to be connected in so many ways with people from all over the place, I sometimes am lonely for people in my immediately area with whom I can connect.

I’ve changed so much over the past 20 years, that my the man I was married to for 20+ years sometimes wonders who I am. And, living in an area north of Atlanta where I have no roots–even though I have lived in different areas of Atlanta half of my life–it is many a days that I feel like a stranger here. I literally feel like I’m vacationing as there are very little social opportunities for me to make “new friends” that I resonate with. I’m not saying those people do not exist. I’m just saying that for whatever reason the Universe has me “living” in another dimensional reality with people who are not in my immediate physical area.

Yesterday, I reconnected with a long time friend in Atlanta who I had been close with for many years. Her family and our family would get together on a regular basis while I was still in my “family life” stage and we would enjoy hours of talking and game playing. We were both pregnant with our 15 year old girls at the same time. Her daughter, Alexa, was born one month prior to my daughter (on Leap year 2004…the same exact day as my daughter’s best friend of 10 years). And our families were quite close for a number of years.

As LIFE happens, after our last time seeing each other 7 years ago, we just never got together with them again. We were losing our home in foreclosure at that stage, and then dealing with the stress and changes that that situation brought with it. My marriage was rocked in many ways during that time of catatlyic heart awakening and my friend and her husband went on to have two more children, which kept them incredibly busy.

So today, we met at a gaming arcade to reconnect and I cannot tell you how much I felt that “coming home” feeling! Even our two 15 year old daughters–who are both painfully shy–seems to feel that connection and the talking was nonstop. All of us talking at once. Pure joy of family and friendship.

It was in that time that I realized something. For the longest time, I’m not sure who I am becoming. I know I am changing. I know that I no longer enjoy a lot of the things I used to enjoy. I am very focused on creating certain things in my reality. I am stronger. I am wiser. But am I more loving? Am I MORE ME? Am I still the person who cared so deeply for my friends that I would help them in any way? Am I still the person who can be myself and be accepted by those people who have known me all these years? I have had a lot of questions, as I am sure many of you have.

To ascend in consciousness can have you feeling like you are expanding so far that you are leaving people behind. And I for one, get very sad about losing touch with people. For example, not having a traditional family anymore, I have felt like I don’t belong with families that are “normal” (whatever that is). I guess I assume that people who are not focused and conscious on shifting vibrationally have nothing in common with me anymore. I don’t really watch movies. I don’t watch sports. I don’t have any “normal” hobbies. So what could I possibly have in common with people? THAT is how I had been feeling.

Until I saw my friend Marian (and her husband Ron). We saw each other and we all realized just how much we had missed each other. And there was NOTHING that was changed in our friendship. It was truly as if time had stood still and there was still complete connection. We could have talked forever and not run out of things to say. And it didn’t have anything to do with my business, or my spirituality, or my twin flame connection or ANYTHING of that nature. It was just pure loving connection. And pure joy! We all felt it. And, it made me realize that I am still ME.

I can still connect with those who are my vibrational match no matter what path life takes me. It’s not something we grow out of. We don’t grow out of being people that others care about. Not the ones who are truly a vibrational match. It doesn’t matter what kind of life you are living. It only matters that your hearts are connected and you admire qualities in each other. That you feel you are able to be yourself and you can change at the same time and you still are YOU. And they are still THEM. I thank my friends Marian and Ron from the bottom of my heart for making me remember I am STILL ME. I realized I am actually MORE ME than I have ever been. And, that doesn’t mean being ALONE. It means that I can love being alone or with others like my friends.

I just felt this was too important to go left unsaid. I would love to hear about your connections below. Do you have some of those people who no matter what, is still in resonance with you? Please feel free to share!!

Written with Love
~ Debbie DuBois

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