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creating your sacred union

In order to address this topic of creating your sacred union, let us talk in terms that are familiar to this community. Union is something that has been coined by the twin flame community as something that happens when you come together with your “twin.” But we would like to take this concept a step further, for it is incomplete as it were. You see, the physical coming together is what humans focus on. But there are those of you who came to show that occupying the same physical space is not necessary to create a union. And, thereby you automatically disavow the old belief systems that you must BE together in the same physical space to be in union.

On the higher planes you are always in Sacred Union with all. There is a Oneness that you experience in everything that you see and interact with. But you also know yourselves to be One with that which you cannot see physically with your eyes, for knowledge is readily available to you. You understand your connection to everything and how you are related to it. Physicality is different in higher realms as well in that you can think of being someplace and be there. So there is no separation ever. For two beings only need to hone in on their connection for them to know it’s time to meet telepathically and you are aligned in the energy to be in the same time/space, space/time together.

But here on the planet, and in other denser physical worlds where you are do not yet know how to move within time/space space/time, you have a hard time perceiving being in sacred union without being in the same physical space. The nature and construct of what you call the twin flame arrangement is really for the purposes of changing and learning a new thought system of what being in union with another person is. And those of you who have been following this school of thought have been learning a lot about being in your own power and wholeness to this point.

The sacred partner, which you have termed your twin, does not have to be in the same time/space space/time as you to experience connection with you. There is an arrangement by both to experience the unique connection of two individual energies who are closely aligned vibrationally from a distance. Sometimes the distance is short and sometimes the distance is long. As a collective, you begin to put the pieces together with a new understanding of what connection between souls can be.

So what is the point of the whole thing? Well, you have all gathered correctly that as you move into higher vibrational frequencies, you become more of your energy body from beyond the veil. More and more of that energy can embody into the physical vehicle you chose upon coming to this planet. And as you do, your innate abilities become more pronounced. You would refer to those as the “claires.” Your ability to see beyond, hear beyond, feel beyond, know beyond that which is tuned into by the physical senses. It is the metaphysical senses you would say. And as you develop those, you can experience with another person just how amazing connection is. It is easier to do this with people who you are “connecting” with.

As we said earlier, to “move around” in the higher dimensions, one merely needs to connect in thought with another and they can automatically come together. The reason you experience more telepathy with your beloved sacred partner or “twin” once you discover each other is because you become more focused on each other. That focus automatically creates the greater synchs and non-physical means of communication between you.

Now, you would also have to agree that you can connect in metaphysical ways with other people as well. How many times have you known someone was going to call you just before they did? You did not even need to focus on them. But they were focused on you. And you received the signal that they were going to call. This is how things work on the higher consciousness realms and you are getting a taste of it. Many of you have actually been getting experiences this this more and more for quite some time now. These examples show you the connection that exists in the ALL.

But taking this to the sacred partnership, catalytic heart connection path, all the senses are heightened between the two people who are connected. And, we wish for you to know that there are different levels of this connection between partners at this point in the arc of time. The levels of connection are demonstrative of the soul’s preparedness to connect at that level. The connection level between partners can vary greatly depending upon where that soul’s development is in the “arc of time.”

If it is your plan in this lifetime, this connection delivers to you at the perfect time the level of connection that you planned to experience. The heart connection is unique for YOU. The level of connection between you and the other physical person involved range in different levels of the “claires.”

Now, back to the original topic of creating your sacred union. What does this mean? And how are you able to create your sacred union? What are the rules to game you wish to know? There are none. But there are a few helpful things to understand. Creating union does not have to be physical. However, confirmation of the union you share through physical signs and symbols is what makes this journey a good teaching instrument. For what kind of lesson would it be if there was no physical confirmation of all that you are experiencing? You would continue to wonder through the entire experience if it was just your mind and your imagination.

That is where this union comes into play. And this is where you are learning about connection and unity consciousness. Also, it teaches the actual power of creation for beliefs are made manifest in the physical and that shows you your abilities to create your own reality. And it teaches that unhelpful beliefs can create what you do not prefer.

So there must be SOME kind of physical union (expression of physicality) in order for you to truly understand that the connection you feel is real. Hopefully, at this point you can put together those pieces that shows you, YES the connection exists. Of course it exists as you are one with ALL. However, again the connection being something that your Soul set up as an experience for you to really focus your energies and intentions on, it is a perfect demonstration of your abilities to create your reality. So, as in school, you learn through application of principles, how to create the reality you prefer. And, depending upon your blueprint, you will experience exactly what YOU call forth to awaken this latent ability.

And creating the Union you seek is more about eliminating all the belief systems that keep you seemingly apart from that which you are already joined. It is really that simple. So, you uncover on this path all the belief systems that you hold which work against you. And, the more you do that, the more you discover your abilities to create the reality you prefer. As the path unfolds, it reveals more and more of the reasons behind the path you have chosen. And each individual decides to create the realities they prefer, not necessarily how they started out, but how they develop over the course of the journey. For as you start to eliminate your belief systems, you open to all the possibilities that exist within creating your own reality. And, there is no limit to what you can create. There is no SET pattern for anyone. That is what this shift of consciousness has brought.

There is no “twin flame” path alone. It is not an endgame, it is a way forward into higher expressions of creation. There is only where you wish to take your connections on that path. Some will unite with their beloved and live out sacred union. Some will find they were never separate from their Beloved. Some will abandon belief in that path altogether. But the nature of this path ensures that no one gets stuck.

Eventually this Path shows you how to remove the blocks that have kept you in a pattern that works against your higher blueprint. For this is a common denominator in all blueprints here on the Earth at this time. And that is to break belief systems which limit you in knowing who you are and why you are here. It is absolutely necessary in order to create the shift at this time/space, space/time, for you cannot take the old belief systems into the higher dimensional realities.

What do we really mean by higher dimensional realities? These realities are determined by the frequency levels at which you resonate. Frequencies that are higher move more quickly. Not higher up in time/space. There is no hierarchy levels in this. There is only speed with which you vibrate. And actually, the faster your energy vibrates the more you are conscious to who and what you are. Things begin to make greater sense and perspectives become clearer as your vibrations increase.

So, in that higher frequency, creating your union is really up to you. What starts to reveal itself in the journey of your blueprint will become clear. Sacred Union is a very loose term for finding the connection you have been seeking. For some it will be with yourselves first and another at a later “date.” For others of you, it will be a discovery of the connection that has existed the whole time. And, for still others connection will mean being called to higher schools of thought which do not even include the word “union” in it. But Union within Self is a definite outcome and all choices are made by YOU.

So we would counsel thus. Allow your own definition of Sacred Union to unveil itself to you. Once the path begins to further unfold, you can make real world decisions as to how you wish to proceed with where you are going and create the type of Union you wish to create.

Consciousness is key. Knowledge of your innate skills, talents and abilities begin to come forth and point the way to what expression your Sacred Union will appear in your reality. And for those of you who have really connected at the deepest levels with another, you will be shown that the expansion of that into the Whole of creation. For that is what it is here to teach you. You will then experience the true joy the path has intended to show you.

And so it is.

~Source transmission
with love through Debbie DuBois

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