Two-Day Ohio Workshop

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This intense workshop is for those of you who are open to all paths and reside in the Ohio and surrounding states that wish to accelerate the ascension process. Quantum in nature, this gathering will deliver what each individual participant needs for their ascension and/or their twin flame/sacred heart ascension path.

Creative Expression and Abundance In the Higher Vibrations

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creative expression

Everyone comes in with a creative expression that is the foundation for spiritual mission. The number of spiritual missions are as varied as the number of souls on the planet. The reason there are so many different kinds of spiritual missions is that we are all “One,” experiencing itself from unlimited perspectives. If we all had the same perspective, what … Read More

Inner Guidance for Twin Flames and All Paths: Source Transmission 8-16-17

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It is now time to focus for inner guidance. It is now time to focus on on what you align with. And it is becoming very obvious to you what you do NOT align with. It is almost painful when you try to do something that is not in alignment with where you have arrived at. So, there is no … Read More

I Love The Me in You

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I see the Me in You I feel the Me in You I hear the Me in You I taste the Me in You I smell the Me in You I acknowledge the Me in You I reflect the Me in You I remember the Me in You I know the Me in You I trust the Me in You … Read More