Inner Guidance for Twin Flames and All Paths: Source Transmission 8-16-17

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It is now time to focus for inner guidance. It is now time to focus on on what you align with. And it is becoming very obvious to you what you do NOT align with. It is almost painful when you try to do something that is not in alignment with where you have arrived at. So, there is no real decision to be made. There is only alignment. Anything else is too painful.

So, what do you believe? What are the stories you tell yourself? Do they serve you? Do they work for or against you? This is what you are being asked to look at right now in the depth of your being. For there is no place in the new energies to be out of alignment. There is no way to exist in your truth and out of your truth at the same time. Do you see this?

You have learned a lot over the last several years. Some of you have been working on this path since you came. Others have awakened to this truth for you recently, but it matters not. All that matters is that you are tuned in to the frequency of the Higher You. And that can be very challenging at this time with the energies that are coming in. It is as a test for you to surf waves that want to bury you. And your fortitude is tested. It pounds you hard. It makes you question everything you have perceived to be true. It makes you question everything you believe. For there is no time now to have beliefs that do not work for you. And you are shown preferences. Which would you prefer? This or that? It is time to decide. It is time to get off the fence and CHOOSE.

Guidance is coming from within you now. Yes, it is manifesting outside of you in all sorts of ways. But if you NEED outside guidance, it will not be available in that moment because it is time to turn inward. It is time to know what is in your heart. When you know what is in your heart, it will show up all around you in a myriad of ways. Your truth is painted as a picture around you. So, what is it showing you? Are you following your inner guidance? If you are, you will be in a space of calm and serenity at any given time. For you will TRUST what is. You will trust that you have embarked on this path and that all things that are supposed to happen WILL happen in accordance with your plan. If you are not following inner guidance, you will be tested and you will reach out around you and no one will be there. The Universe (YOU) is asking you to step up. Be the master that you are. It is time.

You are a twin flame? You are on a sacred heart path? Are you standing in your truth? You must ask yourself this question right now. Are you compromising what is important to you? Are you SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH? Some of you say that you have pulled away from those sacred partners/twin flames. Some have not spoken to those people for long periods of time. Why? There is no time for games. There is only time for truth. What IS the truth? Is that person who you have been focused on really the sacred partner you have been seeking? Is this really your twin? You must KNOW in your heart and you must ACT on that belief. Follow your heart in any given moment of now. It is time to stop pretending. You MUST be honest with yourselves.

Have you been feeling pain around the connection? It is time to revisit that. It is time to ask yourself what you are seeking outside of yourself that you are not getting inside. What do you need from the other person? Do you need that other person to feel good about yourself? All these questions. We know. They are difficult to answer. Sometimes you feel yourselves spinning trying to grasp clarity. But it is within reach for you have not been sitting idly by all this time allowing your world to spin out of control. You have been doing your work. You have been here releasing family templates. You have been exploring the depths of your feelings and allowing worn out patterns to surface and be released. So what is left? What pain is still there. You are bound to feel it now. LET IT GO. It is time for it to GO. There is not much time left for you to continue playing a game that is not bringing you the joy you are destined to experience.

You my sister/brother of the Light are LOVE. You are joy. That is an ingredient of what you ARE in reality. All the alignments you are experiencing right now are pushing up the surface those things that stop you from knowing yourself. They are the illusion that you created to know yourself as separate from the ONE, from the ALL. So, honor this period of time. Honor all those doubts and fears you are experiencing, because they are showing you what you still have left that STANDS IN YOUR WAY!! Release it and be done with it. There is so much waiting for you to experience. In your wholeness that you ARE already.

As for your twin flame connections, your sacred partner connections, you sacred love paths, all is in hand. The Universe is delivering now exactly what needs to be shown. Exactly what needs to be seen by all involved. Your “other” is with another? Trust that all is being shown to those involved. Things are not always as they seem. In the days of the social media as you term it all is “hunky dory” in the world. No one wishes to show truth to the world. Do NOT buy into your social media. If you are following those in relationships with others, STOP. STOP giving that your energy. Focus instead on what is in front of you. Allow those relationship to unfold and by unfold, we me UN FOLD. Let them be. They are needed at this time to help each individual get to where they are meant to be. Nothing is ever out of order so again we say TRUST. TRUST what you are experiencing and let it go to your own Higher Power for you chose this path and you know, your SOUL knows, what it is doing. LET GO.

We leave you with words of encouragement and love. You are never alone. You may feel alone, but you cannot by your very nature BE alone. Not only are you gifted with people embodied here on the planet who resonate with you and you with them, you are surrounded by an entourage of beings, both physical and non-physical who are here to assist you and walk this path with you. Fear not that you can ever be alone. If you knew how UN-alone you are, you might wish for some solitude!! Tune in and feel those energies around you. Allow for etheric hugs from those who walk with you daily. And hug as many people as you can in your world. And that means BIG hugs. Lots of them. Lots of words of encouragement for others you can offer up. BE THE LIGHT NOW. Step in your mastery. If not YOU, WHO?? Who will be the one who will show the way? YOU WILL. It is time now. You can do it! Much love from those who know who you ARE <3

~ With much love and light. In service always.

Higher Source Transmission through Debbie DuBois


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  1. Well said and well written! Thanks for sharing perspective on these times and wisdom on how to be happy and peaceful in a turbulent world… so welcomed and appreciated at this time. “A Word to the Wise Is Sufficient.”

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