The YoUniverse Takes Charge

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YoUniverse takes charge

What an incredible past several weeks on this winding journey. On this catalytic heart awakening path, one never really knows what they will encounter. This past several weeks–as predicted by many of our seers, astrologers, energy readers–has been about slowing down and being forced to take a look at things we’ve wanted to avoid. Maybe not consciously, but unconsciously. And, … Read More


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I am sorry…Please forgive me…I thank you…I love you Many people have asked me about ho’oponopono and it’s meaning. I was first introduced to ho’oponopono several years ago by one of my best friends. I did not know much about it, but I know that when I used it, it worked. The energy around triggered emotions would easily disappate and … Read More

Don’t get STUCK in Crazy Heart Connection Energies!

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It is TRUE. I have delved into serious soul work over the past couple of years relating to heart connection, identifying and releasing programs and false belief systems–yes more “stuff” that stood between me and my highest ability to connect with Higher Self and All That Is. The many integrations I have made as I “unpack” this knowledge on heart … Read More

Feeling Trapped in a Twin Flame or Heart Connection

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Having received many questions and requests to bring forth helpful information from Source on a variety of topics, I’m being called to provide answers in such a way that will help people on a larger scale. Therefore, I am currently exploring better ways to relay Source information to those who desire it. For now, I will begin a series of … Read More

Vibrational Differences within Unity Consciousness

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An interesting thing happened to me tonight which showed me something I feel guided to share. It’s a topic that has come up before about people believing they are not as far along spiritually as others. A few people have mentioned to me that lately that they worry they are not keeping up with others in terms of unity consciousness … Read More

September Shifts for the Divine Masculine

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Watch the divine masculine go–in more ways than one! As we head into September, we are seeing or about to see some real shifts in the divine masculine as they focus more on finding their voice. Speaking their truth becomes the most important thing now. The Universe has pushed down on them so hard, many are dealing with patriarchal mother … Read More

Twin Tree

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Today I got into nature and walked the nature trails at my new neighborhood. I woke up this morning troubled by something that had happened last night that had absolutely nothing to do with the twin soul path, but knew I had work to do today. Pulling a few cards to start my day, I was guided by the Green … Read More

Dealing with Twin Flame Jealousy

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Twin flame jealousy has so many different flavors, to address them all in one writing will be impossible. But, what we must understand, is that any form of jealousy keeps us from experiencing love in its truest form. For jealousy is the opposite of love. When we experience jealousy in any variety or form, we cannot know our authentic Selves. … Read More